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Argan Oil 200ml
  • Argan Oil 200ml

Argan Oil 200ml

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Argan Oil 200ml 

Our Argan oil is highly valued even in luxurious restaurants due to its special touch. It is the declared kitchen secret of various chefs in cities such as New York and Paris, and of course in Marrakech.





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Argan food oil

For the Berbers, argan oil is not only an excellent cooking oil. They have always been aware of the medical „miracle power“ of argan oil, without knowing its specific components. In Morocco, argan oil has been considered for hundreds of years as a true elixir of life, which keeps health in balance and maintains the natural beauty of the individual.
Argan oil is a unique vegetable oil, which refines and seasons all dishes. Even simple dishes such as pasta, fish and meat dishes, salads and sauces can become culinary delights with the addition of argan oil. Only a few drops of this oil give the food a savory note. The Berbers of Morocco prepare „amlou“, for example, a dip for bread that consists of argan oil, honey and almonds. The combination of honey and argan oil is a specifically unforgettable treat.



Argan food oil


The color of argan oil for cooking begins with a golden yellow and extends to slightly reddish. The distinctive taste is reminiscent not only of nuts, but possibly also has herbal notes or a fruity nuance. The particular aroma can be volatile or more pronounced. Argan oil can be used both for cold and for hot dishes. It has a smoke point of 250 degrees Celsius. However, it should be heated as little as possible, in order not to destroy its precious properties. The Berber women use argan oil to prepare tajine or couscous. The antioxidants contained ensure that argan oil can be optimally stored and will not go rancid.

His cosmetic virtues are more and more appreciated, but should not forget its organoleptic qualities are also a valuable oil for culinary art.
Argan oil is used in food since his taste of almond and hazelnut (due to a slight roasting which also gives it its dark colour) greatly enhances the flavor of the dishes, such as couscous, fish and salad dressings. According to the results of scientific research, argan oil has nutrients and dietary properties higher than extra virgin olive oil. It acts as an appetite suppressant in the morning meal.

According to scientific publications, it allows:

  • The stability of high cholesterol
  • Stimulates brain cells and the functioning of the liver
  • Reduced hypertension
  • Protects the connective tissue.
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