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Maintenance of hair

Maintenance of hair

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  • Treatment against Hair Loss

    Treatment against Hair Loss Natural and effective solution to stop excessive hair loss. Treatment that has demonstrated extraordinary effectiveness for our clients. This  product is without chemical, only contains plants and vegetable oils. 100% natural - prepared by the family Maher 500 ml bottle

    10,80 € 18,00 € -40%
  • Shampoo with Nigella Oil (Alhourra)

    Shampoo with Nigella oil (Alhourra) This mild shampoo is designed based on oil of nigelle rich in very active elements and exceptional and miraculous virtues. It feeds essentially combat the fall of hair, eliminates dandruff and cleans up the scalp. It gives your hair vitality and natural brightness.Net weight : 250 ml

    2,79 € 4,66 € -40%
  • Ghassoul 100% natural

    Ghassoul 100% naturalGhassoul ​is one of the rarest clays in the world , found only in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Also known as the Moroccan red clay name, Ghassoul is a natural cleanser and conditioner for skin and hair. Original shape is similar to a rock, which is then dried naturally by the sun and broken into pieces like rocks as you see...

    1,20 € 2,00 € -40%
  • Spices for hair growth

     Spices for hair growthSpice Hamada ben Chekroune anti hair lossNet weight : 100 g

    2,85 € 4,75 € -40%
  • Capillary (Hair) Oil

    Capillary Hair Oil (Oilten) Using our hair oil will completely change your hair care routine forever -- no exaggeration. Here's everything you need to know about the best hair oils out there Our Hair oil is a mixture of 10 vegetable oils appropriate actions beneficent especially on the hair. It is protective, restorative, moisturizing, anti-drop and...

    3,71 € 6,18 € -40%
  • Hair brush
    Product available with different options
    Hair brush

    Hair brush Brushing your hair regularly is an important part of maintaining and rejuvenating your hair, especially when this process is associated with a scalp massage. Brushing hair is as important as to eat a healthy and nutritious diet and using holistic shampoos.

    0,60 € 1,00 € -40%
  • DISAAR - hair 60 ml garlic oil

    DISAAR - hair 60 ml oil massage oil hair protein-enriched and vitamins, which helps improve the State of the hair dry, brittle and damaged ends ends hair in four.

    3,90 € 6,50 € -40%
  • Snail Oil

    Snail Oil Snail oil it treats dry, damaged hair, grow hair quickly and can be used to make a good anti-hair loss care Net weight : 60ml

    2,10 € 3,49 € -40%
  • Cream for Alopecia Areata

    Cream for Alopecia Areata Our Cream for Alopecia Areata consisting essential oils with other oils prepared and studied scientifically, treat the problems of skin infections, the calvite, some cases of psoriasis 

    2,96 € 4,94 € -40%
  • Henna for hair 100% natural Sahara
    Out of stock
    Henna for hair 100% natural Sahara

    100% natural henna from Morocco Our 100% natural henna from Morocco ( Sahara Tazarine) makes darker hair, the intensity of the color varies depending on the length of the application it gives volume, vitality and softness. It also protects the hair from external aggressions and helps the hair growth. Net weight : 100g

    1,20 € 2,00 € -40%
  • Soybean Oil (30ml)

    Soybean Oil Soybean Oil (Al badil) helps stop the graying hair, venkatesh your scalp, helps the regrowth of hair, a very good anti natural wrinkles, venkatesh skin.Soy oil is a very useful oil for the skin health. Recent studies have shown us that soy oil has the ability to improve the skin health immensely.Net weight : 30ml

    2,08 € 3,47 € -40%
  • Nigella Oil for hair care
    Out of stock
    Nigella Oil for hair care

    Nigella Oil for hair care (Al Itkan) Our Nigella Oil  for care is natural 100%, this oil of nigella is designed specifically for hair, nourishes very well the scalp, repairs damaged hair, and nourishes dry hair. Net weight :  60ml 

    2,31 € 3,85 € -40%
  • Lavender Oil & Hair Growth

    Lavender Oil & Hair GrowthOur Lavender Oil (Al badil) is 100% natural and protects the hair, leather cheveulu, restores your hair beauty sought, to make your hair soft and fortified, and softens and refreshes the skin, making the massage.Try using our lavender oil for hair growth if you suffer from Alopecia areata or other hair loss.Net weight : 60 ml

    2,08 € 3,47 € -40%
  • Snake oil

    Snake OilOur Snake oil is a mixture of vegetable oils appropriate actions particularly beneficial to hair, both protective, restorative, moisturizing, anti-drop and anti-dandruff.Net weight : 60ml

    2,82 € 4,70 € -40%
  • mixture of 7 oils plant plantil

    Mixture of 7 oils plant plantil Mixture of 7 oils plant is very well for dry hair . It's 100% natural help to moisturizes and strengthens the fragile hair .  Revitalizes and repairs damaged and dry hair.  Softens and makes hair - grow.  • Fights dandruff and maintains the leather scalp. Net weight : 125ml

    3,71 € 6,18 € -40%
  • Trichup Hair Oil
    Out of stock
    Trichup Hair Oil

    Trichup Hair Oil Our Trichup oil is enriched with natural goodness of Bhringral, Amlaki, Neem, Gunja and other exotic herbs, is formulated with til and coconut oil.It revitalises hair follicles and stimulates growth, it adds volume to your hair naturally. Net weight : 30ml

    1,80 € 3,00 € -40%
  • Lot of 4 Combs great

    Set of 4 large Combs Lot of 4 Combs broad color different shape, black 

    0,60 € 1,00 € -40%
  • Cream relaxer Avocado & Jojoba Oils

    Cream relaxer Avocado & Jojoba Oils The Plantil relaxer cream with avocado and jojoba oils is designed to smooth curly hair, kinky and wavy hair and provide a perfectly smooth and silky touch. Provides a perfect blend and a silky feel.  Net  weight : 150 ml

    2,40 € 4,00 € -40%
  • Henna for Hair (250 g)

    Henna for Hair  Our Henna for hair is 100 % natural.Henna is very known for its characteristic natural hair dye. But you have to consider several factors when applying the henna on the hair and follow the recommendations mentioned below. Net weight : 250g 

    0,90 € 1,50 € -40%
  • 4 Packets of Enriched Henna

    4 Packets of Enriched Henna  Our 4 Packets of Enriched Henna to use 2 or 3 hours after application of oil anti hair loss 

    3,99 € 6,65 € -40%
  • Shampoo Indian Hemp & keratin

    Shampoo Indian Hemp & Keratin  Natural shampoo with extracts of medicinal plants to hemp oil will give you elasticity and volume. You can use it as shampoo to smooth, shape your hair to give it shine and vitality. Net weight : 200 ml 

    3,42 € 5,70 € -40%
  • Disaar hair care hair oil
    Out of stock
    Disaar hair care hair oil

    Disaar hair care hair oil Disaar hair care hair oil is rich in vitamin, helps feed and feed the roots of hair, and repair broken hair. Net weight : 60 ml

    2,28 € 3,80 € -40%
  • Anti Hairfall Oils

    Anti Hairfall Oils A mixture of natural oil such as almond oil, black cumin, Castor, thyme.. .who helps stop hair loss, and heals the scalp, Net weight : 125 ml Originating in Morocco.

    6,27 € 10,45 € -40%
  • Magic anti hair loss shampoo

    It helps prevent thinning hair and loss. It serves against premature graying and may gradually darken existing gray. It is beneficial for dry and flaky scalps and as such is a great remedy for dandruff.

    4,05 € 6,75 € -40%

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