Care and beauty

Care of the skin, black SOAP...

Best products from beauty-Care of the skin


  • Henna

    Henna for hair, accessories...

  • Traditional Kohl

    Kohl, kohol or kohl (Arabic: كحل, kuḥl) is a mineral powder once composed mainly of a mixture of lead as Galena (or malachite), sulphur and animal fat, or even burned wood or bitume1, used to disguise or heal the eyes. 

  • Creams

    various natural creams from Morocco, 100% natural

  • Natural soaps

    Good and different types of natural soaps

  • Shampoo and Soap

    Moroccan natural shampoo and authentic products

  • Natural Mask and Black...

    clay-based masks for the face, or sometimes hair, let you get a clean and care 100% natural.

  • Fattening and weight gain

    Natural products help fattening and the increase in weight, templates and Kimat to fatten some sensitive areas such as the Ass ...

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