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  • Treatment against Hair Loss

    Treatment against Hair Loss Natural and effective solution to stop excessive hair loss. Treatment that has demonstrated extraordinary effectiveness for our clients. This  product is without chemical, only contains plants and vegetable oils. 100% natural - prepared by the family Maher 500 ml bottle

    10,80 € 18,00 € -40%
  • Snake oil

    Snake OilOur Snake oil is a mixture of vegetable oils appropriate actions particularly beneficial to hair, both protective, restorative, moisturizing, anti-drop and anti-dandruff.Net weight : 60ml

    2,82 € 4,70 € -40%
  • Organic Rosemary Oil 30 ml

    Organic Rosemary OilOur Organic Rosemary Oil stimulates the functioning of the gallbladder, affections of the faith, improves digestive processes, soothes the nerves, fighting muscle pain, activates the circulation of the blood, anti flu, good strengthening hair...Net weight : 30ml 

    2,25 € 3,75 € -40%
  • Safa Black seed Oil, Cold Pressed

    Safa Black seed Oil, Cold Pressed Our Safa Black seed Oil, Cold Pressed is free coranized for you .It is used for a variety of conditions and treatments related to respiratory health, stomach and intestinal health.   Net weight : 30 ml 

    3,81 € 6,35 € -40%
  • Argan Oil for dry skin

    Argan Oil for dry skin Our Argan Oil is ideal for skins dry, brittle nails and dry hair. Our Argan oil is most commonly used as a skin moisturiser to hydrate and soften skin. Net weight : 100 ml

    1,35 € 2,25 € -40%
  • Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil

    Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil Our Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil is suitable for all types of skin, nourishes and hydrates the skin, a powerful anti wrinkles , contributes to the growth of skin cells, protects against the chap...  Net weight : 30 ml

    2,25 € 3,75 € -40%
  • Essential oil of orange blossom 10ml

    HIGH ALTITUDE NATURALS Al Kawthar Essential Oil is steam distilled from the blossoms of orange tree Citrus Aurantium. Al kawtar oil is also called Orange Blossom oil.i is known to possess great therapeutic properties and is extensively used for various medicinal purposes.

    2,52 € 4,20 € -40%
  • Argan Oil 200ml
    Out of stock
    Argan Oil 200ml

    Argan Oil 200ml Our Argan oil is highly valued even in luxurious restaurants due to its special touch. It is the declared kitchen secret of various chefs in cities such as New York and Paris, and of course in Marrakech.   

    6,84 € 11,40 € -40%
  • Hemani Blackseed Cream mixed with plants (Massage &...

    Hemani Blackseed Cream mixed with plants (Massage & Muscle Relaxant)  Effective for all skin problems.Help in the case or the skin becomes dry as in the case of alergie and eczema. It is contains plants beneficial for skin, rich in vitamin E Net weight : 100 ml  

    2,85 € 4,75 € -40%
  • Spices for hair growth

     Spices for hair growthSpice Hamada ben Chekroune anti hair lossNet weight : 100 g

    2,85 € 4,75 € -40%
  • Organic Aloe Vera Oil

    Organic Aloe Vera Oil Our Organic Aloe Vera Oil eliminates fungi, anti wrinkle, treats burns and redness of the skin, anti canitie, and dandruff anti, anti hair loss, promotes hair growth, strengthens the roots, treat alopecia.Aloe is a light oil and great for people with oily skin who want to avoid the greasy feel so you can use to moisturize for...

    2,25 € 3,75 € -40%
  • Essential Oil Clary Sage 10ml

    The clary sage Oil s a lengthy history as a medicinal herb. It’s a perennial in the genus Salvi, and its scientific name is salvia sclarea.

    2,52 € 4,20 € -40%
  • Shampoo with Nigella Oil (Alhourra)

    Shampoo with Nigella oil (Alhourra) This mild shampoo is designed based on oil of nigelle rich in very active elements and exceptional and miraculous virtues. It feeds essentially combat the fall of hair, eliminates dandruff and cleans up the scalp. It gives your hair vitality and natural brightness.Net weight : 250 ml

    2,79 € 4,66 € -40%
  • Lavender oil

    Lavender OilOur Lavender oil is known for its calming and relaxing  properties, and has been used for alleviating insomnia, anxiety, depression, restlessness, dental anxiety, and stress. It has also been proven effective for nearly all kinds of ailments, from pain to infections.Net weight : 60ml 

    2,34 € 3,90 € -40%
  • Hemani Black Seeds Oil 60ml

    Hemani Black Seeds Oil  Our Hemani Black Seeds Oil is effective against disease such as bronchitis, asthma, neuropathies and poor digestion. (Free coranized for you by brother abou moussaab)Keep in its closed container, from air and light at less than 25 c temperature. Net weight : 60 ml

    3,42 € 5,70 € -40%
  • Anti Hairfall Oils

    Anti Hairfall Oils A mixture of natural oil such as almond oil, black cumin, Castor, thyme.. .who helps stop hair loss, and heals the scalp, Net weight : 125 ml Originating in Morocco.

    6,27 € 10,45 € -40%
  •  Nigella Hemani Oil
    Out of stock
    Nigella Hemani Oil

     Nigella Hemani OilOur Nigella Hemani Oil  have little odor, but when ground or chewed, developen perfume approaching to oregano. The taste is aromatic and slightly bitter.Furthermore, the essencial oil contains significant amount of fatty acid ethyl esters. One of its active ingredients, Thymoquinone, has been effective in reducing the size of existing...

    4,80 € 8,00 € -40%
  • Organic Virgin Avocado Oil

    Organic Virgin Avocado OilOur Organic Virgin Avocado Oil prepared by  Abu Muhammad is is known to be rich in vitamin A,D,and E and the essential fatty acid Oleic Acid which makes it an excellent choice for hair and skin care.It is an excellent moisturiser and conditioner for dry, brittle and thinning hair and when used as a scalp massage or in oil...

    2,25 € 3,75 € -40%
  • Magic anti hair loss shampoo

    It helps prevent thinning hair and loss. It serves against premature graying and may gradually darken existing gray. It is beneficial for dry and flaky scalps and as such is a great remedy for dandruff.

    4,05 € 6,75 € -40%
  • Essential oil of rosemary 10ml

    Due to rosemary oil’s use in folk medicine, many scientists are now testing its potential health benefits. Though most of this research is just beginning, it supports some traditional uses of the oil and illustrates possible new uses.

    2,52 € 4,20 € -40%
  • Ghassoul 100% natural

    Ghassoul 100% naturalGhassoul ​is one of the rarest clays in the world , found only in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Also known as the Moroccan red clay name, Ghassoul is a natural cleanser and conditioner for skin and hair. Original shape is similar to a rock, which is then dried naturally by the sun and broken into pieces like rocks as you see...

    1,20 € 2,00 € -40%
  • Organic Fenugreek Oil 30 ml

    Organic Fenugreek Oil  Our 100% organic Fenugreek Oil stimulates the appetite, increases weight, active the milk in lactating women, using massage to enlarge breasts, useful with castor oil to combat wrinkles, very good cure for fatty skin and for improve complexion , prevents hair loss . Net weight : 30ml

    2,25 € 3,75 € -40%
  • Essential oil of ruta 10ml

     Lovage Root (Levisticum officinale) Essential Oil. Previous ... 1.8 Cineol (Hyssopus officinalis) Essential Oil. Garden Rue (Ruta graveolens) Essential Oil.

    2,52 € 4,20 € -40%

Moroccan various natural oils


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