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Bio Olive Oil Sidki 60 Ml
  • Bio Olive Oil Sidki 60 Ml
  • Bio Olive Oil Sidki 60 Ml
  • Bio Olive Oil Sidki 60 Ml
  • Bio Olive Oil Sidki 60 Ml

Bio Olive Oil Sidki 60 Ml

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Bio Olive Oil Sidki 

Our Bio Olive Oil Sidki is rich in vitamin E and polyphenols that helps to fight against the aging of the skin. This oil protects and softens the skin, and provides strength and shine to hair. 

Net weight : 60 ml


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Bio Olive Oil Sidki
Our Bio Olive Oil from Morocco is  Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It’s the one with the most nutritional value! is cold pressed and have slow process in which olive oil is extracted from olives.
It is a healthier technique and gives you 100% olive oil with no additives. That's what makes it so much better for you as much as the taste!
Our olive oil is obtained exclusively from the first pressing, with a great & super taste, acidity less than 0.5% degrees.
A Jewel of Nature, our Extra Virgin olive oil is a real olive juice obtained exclusively in the first pressing, with its fragrance and flavor completely blameless, it retains its nutritional value for  your Health and Table.


Bio Olive Oil Sidki


Bio Olive Oil Sidki

Its virtues are many:

It would prevent cardiovascular diseases, cancers and aging.
His contribution in Vitamin E would favourably on the neuro-muscular activity, and on the skin, as we have just seen for therapeseed oil.
Oleic acid stimulates the production of bile which ensures the proper functioning of digestion
Olive oil is perfect in the kitchen

Fat base of Mediterranean dietIt can be used for seasonings, as for cooking, unlike rapeseed oil. Because it can be heated up to 180 ° c (for a Virgin) and even up to 210 ° C for a non-Virgin, it is suitable for frying.

In cooking, she marries well with fish in foil or grilled, with white meat, in net on fresh pasta with shellfish, etc.

Brands have been able to play on the passion for olive oil by offering different tastes, in function ofplace of production and olive. We have today of real names, such as for wines or cheeses.

But be careful: the market is so juicy that some benefit! Mixed or cut olive oils abound on the shelves of the stores.

What are the health benefits of Organic Olive Oil Sidki ?
For proper nutrition, the human body needs more than the consumption of carbohydrates, proteins, starches, vitamins, minerals and fiber - it also needs fats, which play an important role in controlling cholesterol, regulating hormones and balancing the immune system. While Americans may need to reduce the total amount of fat in their diets, they also need to include the right kind of high quality fats. Olive oil is one of the most healthful culinary oils available to provide the body with the proper “fat balance.” While anecdotal stories praising the benefits of olive oil are legion, today, scientific research confirms olive oil’s status as a health-promoting oil. Derived from a fruit source, olive oil has no cholesterol and very little saturated fat (which can increase body cholesterol). Olive oil has a very high level of monounsaturated fat – up to 80% - and scientists now believe that monounsaturated fats actually reduce cholesterol in the bloodstream.
Olive oil has also been regarded as the “Beauty and Cosmetics Oil.” In fact, olive oil’s beauty is more than skin deep. The body’s cells incorporate the valuable fatty acids from the oil, making the skin more Lustrous.
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How to choose olive oil Sidki ?

Olive oil must be vintage and the name of the orchard or the mill must be indicated. This is proof that there is no No mixtures between the oils.

There are also appellations of controlled origin (AOC), the protected designations of origin (PDO) and protected geographical identification (PGI).

Fruity: not at all, a little much?

For use at cru, a single oil is not suitable for all dishes. It is necessary to distinguish three categories:

Very fruity : seasoning salads (made up or not), or on a slice of bread, or to meet the taste of meat or fish.
Medium fruity : a trickle of olive oil on pasta, seafood salads or the carpaccio of beef, salmon, or tuna.
Slightly fruity : for all tasty foods or spices must dominate.
Olive oil, natural beauty

Olive oil has the particularity to delay aging, thanks to vitamin E that fights theformation of free radical. In addition, it also improves acne and eczema because it nourishes the skin in-depth and the tones. Finally, olive oil regenerates and nourishes the hair dry and damaged

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