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HAB Rchad or ground watercress 100 grams
  • HAB Rchad or ground watercress 100 grams
  • HAB Rchad or ground watercress 100 grams
  • HAB Rchad or ground watercress 100 grams
  • HAB Rchad or ground watercress 100 grams

HAB Rchad or ground watercress 100 grams

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Cress or hab Rchad ground has an effects potential anti-cancer, good for your vision and eye health. Watercress can also be good for your teeth.

bag 100 g ground watercress.


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Effects potential anti-cancer

A study funded by the rural industries Research and Development Corporation of Australia (RIRDC) has assessed the potential anti-cancer of a certain number of Brassica vegetables, including garden Cress. For each tested vegetable, anti-cancer score was calculated on the basis of the vegetable glucosinolates content. Bien glucosinolates themselves have limited biological activity, of their metabolites - isothiocyanates in particular - seem to have potential for fighting cancer because of their ability to promote the elimination of the carcinogenic potential of the body. <span title="However, many Brassica species, including garden cress, contain protein epithiospecifier (ESP), a compound that promotes the conversion of glucosinolates into nitriles (which have no. anti-cancer properties) rather than isothiocyanates." "="">However, manyBrassica species, including garden Cress, contain epithiospecifier proteins (ESP), a compound that promotes the conversion of glucosinolates in nitrile (which have anti-cancer properties) rather than isothiocyanates.

However, despite containing ESP, Garden cress was still significant anti-cancer potential compared to many other vegetables tested. Even when the potential effects of ESP were taken into account, Garden Cress seemed to always have as much or more potential anti-cancer as radishes, turnips, cabbage, kohlrabi, Chinese broccoli, mizuna, komatsuna and caisin. < /span >

Good for your vision and eye health.

If you ares still not impressed with the nutritional value of garden Cress, then consider this: by eating just one ounce of garden Cress you provide your body with almost 40% of the daily value of vitamin A (in the form of carotenoids). Comme vous le savez déjà, la vitamine A et les caroténoïdes sont considérés comme l'un des meilleurs nutriments pour les yeux en raison de leur capacité à réduire le risque de troubles de la vision de nuit, la cataracte, la rétinite pigmentaire, et même la dégénérescence maculaire liée à l'âge, une cause fréquente de la cécité chez les personnes âgées.

watercress contains more vitamin C than oranges

so you thought Orange are the ultimate champion of the vitamine? Well, guess what, fresh watercress contains more vitamin C than oranges fresh! Juan ounce of garden Cress Ste offers a huge 32 of the daily value of vitamin C - 7% more than what you get from an equal amount of fresh orange. Vitamin C is essential to keep you skin, bones and gums healthy and strong, but it also helps to prevent iron deficiency, by improving the ability of your body to absorb iron from food.

Eat watercress can provide cardiovascular benefits

Researchscientist suggests that vitamin C can also help keep your cardiovascular system healthy, adding watercress to your diet can be a smart thing to do if you try to improve your cardiovascular health. A study published in the April 2004 edition of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition reported that participants in the study who received a daily supplement containing 500 milligrams of vitamin C experienced a 24% drop in their CRP levels plasma after only two months. Recent data suggest that levels of CRP (C-reactive protein levels) are a good measure of the risk of heart disease to a person, maybe even better than cholesterol levels.

In addition, Garden Cress is supercharged with vitamin K, a to theTre nutrient that is thought to play a key role in the maintenance of cardiovascular health. By adding just a half ounce of watercress to your salad, you'll be covering almost 100% of the daily value of vitamin K!

Watercress can also be good for your teeth./ span >Too much!

Glucotropaeoline, one of major glucosinolates found in Garden Cress, is a pre-cursor of benzyl isothiocyanate (BIT), a compound that can help combat tooth decay. A study published in Microbios Letters in 1988 revealed that BIT inhibited the production of Streptococcus mutans growth and acid, a bacterium that hasbeen linked to the development of caries dental. < SPyear >

How to maximize the nutritional value of watercress

The nutritional value of garden Cress begins to deteriorate immediately after harvest. Therefore, one of the best ways to maximize the benefits for the health of garden Cress is to cultivate your own watercress and harvest as needed. And the best part is, you can easily grow Cress indoors, throughout the year. For details, see how to grow indoor Garden Cress. 

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