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100% Pure Fenugreek Oil
  • 100% Pure Fenugreek Oil
  • 100% Pure Fenugreek Oil
  • 100% Pure Fenugreek Oil
  • 100% Pure Fenugreek Oil
  • 100% Pure Fenugreek Oil

100% Pure Fenugreek Oil

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100% Pure Fenugreek Oil

Our Fenugreek Oil strengthens the nerves and facilitates breastfeeding. This oil is useful for enlarging breasts and can be used both by women and by girls.

Net weight : 60 ml


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Fenugreek oil 

Fenugreek oil is obtained from the seed of fenugreek. These seeds are quite nutritious and have a plethora of health benefits. Fenugreek seed oil has some really powerful health benefits, specially for the most common health conditions. This just makes this oil quite useful, even though it is not as popular as other oils. It is generally not a cold pressed oil, like most other seed oils. It is actually an essential oil obtained from seeds. So, it contains volatile organic compounds and is used in aromatherapy.


Fenugreek oil


Fenugreek oil, just like the seeds has tremendous healing properties.

Anti-Viral - fights certain viruses.
Anti-Cancer - This oil has some anticarcinogenic properties.
Antioxidant - It prevents the cells from free radical damage.
Hypoglycemic - lowers blood glucose.
Phytoestrogen - It mimics the female hormone estrogen.
Circulant - It boost blood circulation.
Anti-Inflammatory - It reduces inflammation on the skin.
Expectorant - It promotes the release of phlegm from the throat.
Neuroprotective - It protects the nervous system.
Immunomodulatory - It helps to modulate the functioning of immune system. 
Beta cell stimulant - It is one of the few substances that stimulate beta cells of the pancreas. 
Hypotensive - It alleviates hypertension. 
Antispasmodic - It prevents muscular spasms.
Galactagogue - It promotes lactation.

Color and Aroma

Fenugreek essential oil has a yellowish color with a hint of brown. It has a powerful aroma which is fragrant but with tones of bitter.

Health Benefits
Because of its healing properties, fenugreek oil can be used in a number of home remedies through which one can avail health benefits.

Fenugreek essential oil helps in acne. Put about 5 drops of essential oil in 5 ml of base oil, for which jojoba oil is ideal choice. Massage this oil on the face and skin covered with acne pimples. It reduces inflammation and redness around the pimples. It also alleviates swelling and the pain that comes with these pimples. This application also prevents formation of new blackheads. This is because blackheads are formed by oxidation and fenugreek oil is an antioxidant, so it prevents the pimples from oxidizing.


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