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All Flower Honey
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  • All Flower Honey

All Flower Honey

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 All Flower Honey

Jar of "coranized " honey ( 500 g) of all flower honey "Biladishop mark " collected in France without any addition. Quality PREMIUM Production, put in pot by the beekeeper.





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All Flower Honey

Bees produce honey from the nectar of blooming plants, but the nectar produced by one flower will be different than that of another flower. Our mission is to seek out distinctive California flora which produce honeys that have the qualities in aroma, taste, texture and color reflective of their particular species of flower.

All of our Flower honey is gathered directly from the hives and bottled unpasteurized, thus maintaining the multitude of health benefits associated with honey that are often lost in traditional commercial honey from overheating to eliminate crystallization.

Please notecrystallization is normal for unheated and unfiltered pure honey such as ours, but honey is good forever because its antibiotic properties keep it from spoiling. You can improve the quality of crystallized honey by placing the opened jar in hot water bath and stirring it until it liquefies.


All Flower Honey


1 spoon coffee of honey coranized  in the morning and 1 spoon coffee the night before sleep.

** Its benefits:
1 - Calm the pain, it is a rich food (full) allows the elimination of fungi (psoriasis).
2 - Provides the binding of the calcium in the body and increases the cell fluid.
3-Anti-bacterial it is very recommended for internal and external body problems.
4 - Strengthening the allergenspecific.
5 - Very uses in medicine prophetique.
** Uses:
** Mix honey and ginger in quantities equal helps expulsion of the slime, to treat fever, cough, throat irritee, and nose running.
** Asthma: Drink several times per day of the honey mixture has a kilo of black pepper and ginger juice.
** Treats oral and vaginal irritation.
** Calm nerves (especially in periods of exams)
** Mixed with barley, he calms the depression.
It is also used for aesthetic skin masks.
** In eat strengthens the immune defences against natural origins pollen.
** Mix carrot juice pure and bu an hour before breakfast (fasting) it allows the improvement of the view.

Allah Yachfikoum

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