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Kohl Kalaat Magona
  • Kohl Kalaat Magona

Kohl Kalaat Magona


Kohl Kalaat Magona

Our Kohl Kalaat Magona originating in Morocco is used by Moroccan women . It Nourishes the eyes & eyelashes, and protect them from harmful UV Rays. 


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Kohl Kalaat Magona

The Moroccan women are known for their exotic beauty. Deep, dark skin and mysterious dark eyes to match. Their beauty secret in developing this charcoal look to their eyes dates back centuries and has been passed on to the current young girls of today. Traditionally, Kohl was used for its therapeutic properties. It was believed to protect against eye disease and help control the glare of the sun in the desert.

Kohl is water-proof but not "spit-proof", which is a great atribute in hot climates. A tiny amount of power will last you a couple of years, and it's much healthier for your eye than commercial cosmetics which you wouldn't dare put into your eye. Excess powder will gather at the corner of the eyes and you can remove it. It is much less artificial looking than painting a line outside the lids with commercial eyeliners; people will notice your eyes, but they won't be quite sure why.


Kohl Kalaat Magona

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