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Bio Ponytail Shampoo
  • Bio Ponytail Shampoo
  • Bio Ponytail Shampoo
  • Bio Ponytail Shampoo
  • Bio Ponytail Shampoo
  • Bio Ponytail Shampoo
  • Bio Ponytail Shampoo
  • Bio Ponytail Shampoo

Bio Ponytail Shampoo


Bio Ponytail Shampoo 

Our Bio Ponytail shampoo helps to combat the loss of hair, treating dandruff, based on a formula to regulate the secretion of fat.

Net weight : 200 ml

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Ponytail Shampoo 

This ponytail shampoo is suitable for oily roots (for oily scalp) and dry hair ends, combat hair loss, treats dandruff.

The ponytail Shampoo is based on a combined formula to regulate excessive fat secretion of the scalp and reduce dandruff.



Bio Ponytail Shampoo




Bio Ponytail shampoo
It is effective in cases of hair loss. Various herbal extracts nourish hair and make it stronger.
Even after the first application of the product improvement of the structure of the hair is visible your hair becomes more elastic.
Restores secretion of normal fat, fight dandruff and hair loss problem disappear.

Composition of Bio Ponytail shampoo:
Plant - nettle, Sage, active washing substances, extracts hydrolyzed collagen, silicone, horsetail, etc.

Uses for Bio Ponytail shampoo: :
Spread the necessary amount of shampoo to wet hair and massage gently and carefully the roots of the hair. After rinsing, the procedure could be repeated in leaving the product for awhile to have its effect on wet hair, then rinse.
For a better effect, it must be applied in combination with lotion bases. The mask bases has an effect restore the full and needs to be applied after washing hair with shampoo and before the distribution of the lotion.

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