Schampooing plantil to the scents of Rose 500 ml


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Schampooing plantil to the scents of Rose 500 ml

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Mild shampoo, rose enjoyable scents.
It cleans your hair smooth and makes them particularly beautiful and silky.

It is suitable for frequent washing of your

Hydrating for Hair and Skin. Shampoo rose is the primary ingredient that your natural curls need to thrive. If you’re bored of using plain water, shampoo rose can be an excellent way to hydrate and nourish the hair at the same time.
Aromatic and Calming. Love the smell of intoxicating roses? Then you’ll enjoy smelling them all day long in your natural curls. Shampoo rose has a pleasant scent which can work as aromatherapy when you’ve had a stressful day.
Softening Conditioner. Regular use of shampoo rose can help to make your tresses softer, fuller, and bouncier. Shampoo rose beats most regular water because it is distilled and void of hard minerals like calcium. Minerals in your hair can build up and cause the hair to become brittle. Shampoo rose can soften your hair, especially if your city has hard water.