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Marine Costus
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Marine Costus


Marine Costus (3OUD EL HINDI in Arabic)

This curative plant, activates the flow of menstrual blood and the emission of urine, vermifuge (kills intestinal worms), acts as an antidote for poison, stimulates libido and removes freckles etc...

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Marine Costus (3OUD EL HINDI in Arabic)

The marine costus is a herbaceous perennial plant and in the form of an erect stem of 1 to 2 m high in the family Asteraceae. The leaves, the large base of the stem (tens of cm), the smallest on top. Purple flowers with black ball-shaped. The fruits are achenes bent (8 mm long). The roots are dark brown or gray and measure up to 40 cm long.

Originally from Asia (Himalayas, Kashmir, India, Pakistan), has between 2,000 and 5,000 meters above sea level and often cultivated for its medicinal properties in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine.

The part used is the root.


Marine Costus


The costus in Islam:

According to Anas (a companion of the Prophet Muhammad) the Prophet considered the costus as a remedy to be used as a medical treatment, because of its many benefits.

The prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم)  said, "Do not torture your children with El-Ghamz and have recourse to costus".

Reported by Al-Bukhari.

The Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) said: "Woe to you! Do not give death to your children. Any woman whose child suffers from El-Oudhra or a headache, has to take an Indian costus, then scrape the snuff him. "

Thus, Aisha (the Prophet's wife) (radiallahou anha) was performed and the child is cured.

In addition, Zeid Ibn Arkam related that the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) had said: "Look after yourself pleurisy costus with maritime and oil."

The marine costus properties:

effective for thrombosis.
Thrombus (blood stone) into the bloodstream.
anthelmintic (destroys intestinal worms).
an antidote for the poison.
boosts libido.
For freckles.
for hemiplegia (paralysis of half the body)
cures colds
effective for back pain.
migraines and pleurisy.
facilitates the rules
Stomachic, emmenagogue, antispasmodic.
And sexual weakness of erection problem.
Problem kidney and liver (hepatitis)
Oral cancer
Asthma and tuberculosis
Stopping witchcraft
for problems related to the ovaries and the absence of menstruation.
diabetes problems.
stimulates the pancreas.
decreases blood sugar in the blood.
against diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, ulcers,
rheumatism, toothache, fevers, and inflammatory disorders.
respiratory disorders, desictères in case of hypotension
sedative, aphrodisiac, insecticidal, fungicidal, virucidal, antiseptic
to increase the metabolic rate
kill helminths
relieve flatulence
induce urination
repel insects
maintain the safety body
stimulates the activity
the accumulation of mucus, leprosy, jaundice, gasping, edema and cough.
to cure tumors
skin diseases, serious wounds, and injuries.


Do not give to pregnant and lactating women and the very young.

Warning: Costus can produce a narcotic if smoke. Do not use the herb without proper medical supervision.

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