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Asafoetida Haltyt
  • Asafoetida Haltyt
  • Asafoetida Haltyt
  • Asafoetida Haltyt

Asafoetida Haltyt

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Asafoetida Haltyt

One homeopathic remedy, Asafoetida , has been evaluated as a potential treatment for irritable bowel syndrome

The Asafoetida is a dry resin, extracted from the rhizome of two species of giant fennel in India and Iran.

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Asafoetida Haltyt

Asafoetida is a homeopathic remedy derived from a plant native to Asia. In traditional usage, it is used by the Indians to stimulate digestion. It is used by Tibetan to cure various ailments and ward off evil spirits.



Asafoetida Haltyt



Remedy Presentation
The Asa foetida is recognized by his height up to 3 meters high. Its yellow umbels are broad ramifications, its fleshy roots are bulky and it is the resin secreted by the seed that is useful to make the homeopathic remedy of the same name. It is prepared for fumigation treat mental illness. The Persian burn the plant that gives off extreme garlic smell to ward off witches and evil spells.

Main indications in gastroenterology
In modern medicine, Asa foetida is indicated in gastroenterology by its many laxatives, antispasmodics and diuretics. It relieves flatulence and dyspepsia. It helps to alleviate spasmodic contractions of the stomach and l'œsophage. This remedy can also relieve flatulence accompanied by continuous audible references and burns to the stomach. It is indicated to treat watery diarrhea yellow or brown color accompanied d'odeur corpse.

Behavioural disorders
Asa foetida is also indicated to treat certain behavioral disorders like hysteria. It also stimulates the nervous system and is an excellent aphrodisiac.

This homeopathic medicine can be used in people who are anxious and are constantly irritable. It helps to relieve people who often have dissatisfactions, fears and hysterical disorders Due to the presence lump in the throat. Asa foetida is effective in treating headaches associated with hysterical disorders. These headaches are accompanied by dizziness and loss of sight. Insomnia, bursts during sleep or gnashing of teeth are pathologies that can be treated with this remedy.

Dosage recommendations
Asa foetida may be administered as a tincture that can be obtained by extraction from the gum. The incision of the fresh root flow leaves this gum resin is recovered to prepare remedies. The recommended dosage is 2 to 6 times per day and the duration of treatment is 20 to 40 days depending on the symptoms to be treated. Asa foetida is also prescribed in the form of homeopathic granules.

To use them, just let them melt under the tongue taking a 9-CH dilution. Breastfeeding women should adopt for their dilutions CH 3 that are more tailored to their needs. Regarding the treatment of gastrointestinal dyspepsia, Asa foetida may be associated with Arg which is complementary of the main processing.

Is also used to escape the Jinn, and allows bi idni Allah in some cases to evacuate the eaten sihr.

Bi idni Allah taala here we will explain the different ways to use:

1 - Take a small piece of the size of a chickpea drinking with water. Take 2 pieces per day for 7 days, i.e. 14 pieces in all.

2 - You can also take the same piece and feel like a "bkhor" (incense).

3 - Swallowing (song) the morning fasting and directly take a hot drink later (milk, coffee hot or tea etc...)
Also take the evening after al maghreb.

4 - Sucking the same piece (such as candy), ideal for those who can withstand his smell. (in the morning and in the evening)

5 - Put the piece in a glass of boiled water, and wait for that ca melts and changes colour (it must become white). And should be swallowing because it can that the djinn protects the haltyt and the fact out in the feces without that smelldisperses in the body.

6 - It can even be used as a suppository (vaginal for women) and rear

7 - Wash the private parts with water containing the haltyt or with oil mixed with the haltyt

8 - Put a small piece of the size of a grain of rice in urthra human (especially love djiniya and sihr for sexual disability).

9 - By adding in the bath (two or three large pieces), it has good effects on the skin

10. As bkhor (incense), this use is primarily for the more serious cases which cause paralysis

11. Like cream on the places where you have evil (places or settle often djinn, i.e. back, neck etc..)

12 - Put a piece in a spray, and spray on the places where you think that there is a sihr!

You can also make oil haltyt as follows:

(1) Take the value of the haltyt egg in 0.5 L of olive oil.

(2) Heat and mix the oil.

(3) After 10 minutes let all in a glass bottle that allows the entry of light or the Sun for a week.

Methods of use:

** After that you use it as massage for people who are paralyzed and also those who have a love djinn.

** You can use it as a drop inthe nose (this method is very useful for sihrs that are passed by listening)

** You can also drink, a spoon to soup and can bi idhni LLÁH ta3ala kill the djinn, or knock him out.

This information was taken from the site of Sheikh al habachi hafidaho Allah, translated by abou moussaab, and corrected by the moderators of the forum Biladishopr.com

Ps: if you are pregnant or nursing, or who have a chronic condition, consult with your doctor before using this herb or another plant for the sake of your health.

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