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NASAEM Alcohol Free Perfume
  • NASAEM Alcohol Free Perfume
  • NASAEM Alcohol Free Perfume
  • NASAEM Alcohol Free Perfume

NASAEM Alcohol Free Perfume

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NASAEM concentrated fragrance of perfume is of high quality and sustainability, and without alcohol.  Application through a ball system (roll - on)

Bottle 6 ml


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This perfume is made of valuable essences (Oud, Rose Taif, incense, musk, sandalwood and rare spices).

A perfume is created by mixing a solvent, a fixative and a fragrant compound. The most common solvent used is alcohol. However, alcohol can affect the liver, cause sensitizing skin reactions including white spots when exposed to the sun. Some people can not use alcohol in perfumes for religious reasons.

Our perfume without alcohol is ideal, especially in hot weather, when the sun gives us directly to the skin, we should choose perfume alcohol that will not damage our skin because the alcohol in contact with the heat of the sun can damage our skin .

Similarly, the skin of people or sensitive skin need a type of colonies that do not irritate, so we always look for them perfumes without alcohol.

But the truth is that even the most exclusive firms put at our disposal their finest aromas, with all fixture that characterizes the quality perfumes without alcohol, to wear it in the warmer days.

Remember that after sunbathing should not use products with alcohol which can damage your skin and it is desirable to continue using perfume without alcohol, so do lazy not invest in these fragrances as party purge them all summer.

The use alcohol perfumes has become a weapon harmful to the health of people, even more summer months because strong ultraviolet rays penetrate skin faster producing irritation and even blotchy.

Common Problems with Alcohol Perfume

Alcohol tends to kill off or mask some of the subtle notes in many fragrances.
Ethyl alcohol is the most popular alcohol added It is extremely caustic. Many people who think they are allergic to perfume are actually allergic to the alcohol added to the perfume.
Alcohol is a drying agent - it makes things evaporate including the fragrance and your natural body oils.

There are certainly advantages to choosing alcohol-free perfumes over perfumes containing a high amount of alcohol and water. First, pure perfume oils are much more pleasing to the nose, and they are also longer lasting than perfumes with alcohol. In addition, when you smell perfume oil, you can immediately pick up on the scent, as it is in its pure form. Some perfumes with heavy alcohol contents smell like a big mish-mash of scents, making it hard to decipher top notes, middle notes, and base notes.
Keep in mind that perfume oils are a lot like other products, such as shoes and clothes. Sure, there are cheap oils, but their scent will be not be as authentic and refreshing as the pure oils. When you purchase alcohol-free perfumes, it is wise to find out exactly what the ingredients are before buying.

Remember, alcohol and perfume oils do not mix. First, alcohol will diminish the scent you are trying to capture, and it will cause the fragrance to evaporate faster. In addition, alcohol can be drying and irritating to the skin, causing some people with sensitive skin to have bad reactions. Finally, alcohol-free perfume smells clean and simple, not overpowering or cluttered like some commercial scents.


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