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Soap with Nigella Oil Meriargana
  • Soap with Nigella Oil Meriargana
  • Soap with Nigella Oil Meriargana
  • Soap with Nigella Oil Meriargana

Soap with Nigella Oil Meriargana

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Meriargana soap made from natural ingredients of plant origin. Cleans the skin gently, preserves hydration and gives it beauty and well being.
Weight : 80g


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Vegetable Soap Nigella . For all skin types, especially recommended for dry, sensitive or irritated skins .
◊ Cosmetic properties:
- Cleansing, purifying, protective
◊ Indication:
- Dry and dehydrated skin
◊ Safety precautions: Avoid contact with eyes
◊ Weight: 80g
◊ Storage: 12 months after opening

Directions for use
Humidifying the soap with tap water. Lather and rinse.
Warning: Thoroughly rinse the Black Soap Nigella because it can leave marks on the towel.

Description :
It smoothes facial skin.
Increases the softness of the body and face.
Preserves the beauty of the face and skin.
Improves quality and prevents hair loss.
Eliminates dandruff.

The Black Soap combines the Nigella Sativa 100% natural ingredients : olive oil and Nigella Savina. Thanks to the many therapeutic features of that ingredient, the Black Soap with Nigella Sativa is a mild high-quality soppratutto indicated for skins with skin disorders like acne , dermatitis, psoraisi , fungus , eczema and dermatitis , inflammation , herpes , warts and burns.
Nigella addition to the black soap to remove impurities from the skin with a gentle cleansing , nourishing the skin thanks to the presence of essential fatty acids ( linoleic and linolenic ) in the oil content of Sativa.
The Black Soap with Nigella Sativa is completely natural , contains no preservatives, perfume or other chemical additives.

Black seed oil found in this cleansing soap helps to moisturise and guard pores and skin from exterior aggressions.

It is consequently required for all kinds of skin.

You can use it every single day evening and morning. It gently cleanses your skin with out tenderness.

This quite gentle soap is perfect for vulnerable skin specifically hands and face.

Its productive components moisturize and rejuvenate your epidermis.

Nigella Sativa herb is known to contain around one hundred NUTRITIONAL INGREDIENTS, including ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS , OMEGA-3, VITAMIN A(retinoids), ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS and many more. This seed cures SKIN FUNGUS, ACNE and STRENGTHEN THE SKIN IMMUNITY.

The ANTI-INFLAMMATORY and ANTI-FUNGAL properties make this seed an excellent folk medicine for many skin conditions. It is also an excellent ANTI AGING skincare and a POWERFUL MOISTURIZER.

The black seed oil helps your skin to repair itself and PROTECT it from water loss of the epidermis , which leads to a dry and wrinkled skin.

The vitamin A and the flavonoids, which this seed contains, also benefit your skin tone.

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