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Herbal anti frigidity
  • Herbal anti frigidity
  • Herbal anti frigidity
  • Herbal anti frigidity
  • Herbal anti frigidity

Herbal anti frigidity

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Herbal anti frigidity

This herbal tea helps in case of infertility in women, treats the frigidit of the body, reduces menstrual pain, deals with problems of sexual impotence, treats urinary incontinence, the back pain, joint pains and rheumatism. 


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Herbal Anti Frigidity

Our Herbal is useful in debilitating conditions, frigidity, fatigue, stress, anxiety, palpitation, ageing, nervous breakdown, neuropathy due to diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, loss of weight due to cancer or diabetes or any other reason.

Frigidity is the term used to refer to a low libido or sex drive in women. In other words, a woman is said to be emotionally cold and does not respond to her partner's sexual advances. In some cases, women may refuse or avoid sexual intimacy and may endure it without being able to reach orgasm. Frigidity in women may involve a strong dislike of sexual activity and difficulty becoming aroused. Some women may face pain with sexual activity or intercourse and little pleasure in the activity. Frigidity is a sort of sexual dysfunction in women and was reported to be largely due to some psychological problems. Recent research has revealed possible physical causes which may include anxiety, depression, changes related to menopause, communication problems with partner, damage to nerves due to surgery and most often fear of pain, infection or being pregnant. Some women on account of frigidity have been found to have feelings of guilt and shame about sex, history of sexual abuse, infection or gynecological disease, lack of appropriate stimulation, lack of lubrication, medication, stress or fatigue.



Conflict or difference in opinion within the relationship is another important factor. It has been observed that a couple is always arguing or fighting and it can lead to problems in sexual activities. A major turn-off is the anxiety when it comes to sex. Occasional worries are natural and these can become exaggerated when more emphasis is placed on the physical side of love-making, rather than emotional. It is obvious that tiredness and worries about other things in life can affect libido or sex drive in women.

Other causes of frigidity may include having been sexually abused as a child and over dependence on parents and other health problems such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes etc. Since the relationship between the woman and her partner has shown significant problems of frigidity, most treatment programs are designed to be implemented by the couple. However, the treatment is mainly focused on women, her diet and lifestyle. Smoking and drinking alcohol should be avoided. Sex drive in females can be boosted with the increased intake of spices like fennel, parsley, sage, and anise. Some physicians also recommend increasing the use of fresh fruits, fresh fruit juices, almonds, raisins, figs and prunes.


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