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Ghassoul Clay (100g)
  • Ghassoul Clay (100g)
  • Ghassoul Clay (100g)
  • Ghassoul Clay (100g)
  • Ghassoul Clay (100g)

Ghassoul Clay (100g)


Ghassoul Clay 

Our ghassoul Clay  comes from the Atlas mountains of Morocco, this called rhassoul clay cleanses and softens the hair, because it is rich in trace elements, purifies hair of all fat and impurity, especially fine hair sensitive.

Net weight : 100g


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Moroccan Ghassoul Clay, sometimes referred to as Moroccan Ghassoul Clay, is naturally found and organically mined from ancient deposits deep within the Atlas Mountains in the northeastern region of Morocco. This extraordinary mineral-rich clay is extracted in large clods, then it gets washed, sun-dried and micronized into a smooth powder.



Rhassoul Clay



Moroccan Ghassoul Clay can be used as detoxifying cleanser, skin conditioner, shampoo, and facial and body mask. It has a number of outstanding benefits that surpass those of other clays because it contains the highest content of silica, magnesium, potassium and calcium, and because of its extraordinary smectic qualities (absorption ability).
Mineral Content
Silica- 58%
Aluminum- 2.47%
Iron- 0.64%
Sodium- 2.3%
Magnesium- 25.2%
Calcium- 2.34%
Moisture- <8%

Studies that shown that Moroccan Ghassoul Clay reduces dryness, improves skin clarity and elasticity and has extractive abilities that remove impurities and unblock pores, even stubborn blackheads. As a hair treatment, Moroccan Rhassoul Clay cleanses the hair, removing impurities, and leaves hair bouncy and voluminous.
Clinical studies have shown that a single use of Moroccan Rhassoul:
Reduces dryness (79%)
Reduces flakiness (41%)
Improves skin clarity (68%)
Improves skin elasticity / firmness (24%)
Improves skin texture (106%)

Removes surface oil and oil from inside and around comedons
Removes dead skin layers, resulting in a general smoothing of the surface skin
Moroccan Rhassoul Clay is an extremely versatile product and can be mixed in various ways, so don’t be afraid to get creative. We recommend trying your rhassoul clay with 100% Organic Argan Oil for your hair mask to moisturize hair while you detox and 100% Organic Moroccan Rose Water Toning Mist instead of water for your skin.
After using, your skin and hair will be thirsty for moisture, apply Amal Oils 100% Organic Argan Oil.


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