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Miswak Gold Toothpaste large size
  • Miswak Gold Toothpaste large size
  • Miswak Gold Toothpaste large size
  • Miswak Gold Toothpaste large size
  • Miswak Gold Toothpaste large size

Miswak Gold Toothpaste large size

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Formulated with pure extracts of ‘Miswak,’ also known as ‘Al Arak’ in Arabic, the latest variant offers a complete solution for all dental problems. In addition, its great taste and purity makes it a perfect choice for the whole family, including children.


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It has been scientifically proven that the regular use of  Miswak Gold, at least twice a day, results in strong and shiny teeth, healthy gums and  long lasting fresh breath,. Its natural herbal extracts and unique flavour makes it appealing for the dental care of the whole family including children.

Chemical analyses of the Miswak extracted tree Arak (Persian Savior) reveal that it contains a total of 19 substances that are beneficial for dental health. Among them are:

1) natural antiseptics of bactericidal action that destroy harmful microorganisms of the mouth, which if not controlled favor the formation of dental plaque, tartar and caries.
(2) tannic acid, with astringent qualities that strengthen gums and protect them from diseases such as gingivitis (inflammation) and the formation of abscesses under the roots of caried teeth.
(3) aromatic essential oils that increase salivation, which helps clean the mouth (and thus prevent tooth decay) and the process of digestion.
(4) trimethyl-amine.
(5) alkaloid Salvadorina.
6) vitamin C.
(7) minerals: chlorides and fluorides.
(8) minerals: Sulphur, phosphorus, calcium and, above all, Silicon.
(9) variable amounts of saponins, flavonoids, and steroids.

Physiological benefits:
1. aid to digestion.
2. improvement in sight.
3 sharpen memory and intelligence.
4 cure certain headaches.
5 improve health in general and gives good color to the face that uses it on a regular basis.

Oral benefits:
1 clean the mouth and teeth, mechanical and microbiologically.
2 prevents caries, and the extension of those that are already established.
3. it strengthens gums, gives firmness and solidity.
4. effectively removes dental plaque and prevents its formation.
5 whitens teeth (removes les the yellowish color).
6 eliminate bad breath.
7 improving the sense of taste.
8 brightens the voice.

Miswak is a natural tooth cleaning stick derived from a twig of the Salvadora persica tree and has been used as a natural toothbrush in the Arab World before the invention of conventional toothbrush and toothpaste. Its use has also been advocated in the writings of the Prophet Mohammed. Miswak is known for its astringent and antibacterial properties and its usage is considered the purest form of oral cleansing.


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