Siwak Mint Flavour


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Siwak Mint Flavour

 has been recommended by the World Health Organization for its dental hygiene benefits and scientific research confirms its antibacterial and plaque fighting properties.

Medium-sized, approximately 15 cm

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Among the benefits of mint siwak:
1- A highly recommended sunnah, the messenger allayhi salat wa salam said: "If I did not fear that it would be hard for the believers, I would have ordered them to use the siwak before each prayer. "
2- Removes bad odors from the mouth, and strengthens the gums of the teeth.
3-The treatment with mint siwak will make disappear more quickly the yellow layer, if it exists.
4-helps whiten the teeth in the long term and its use is close to a toothpaste.

How to use:

Simply scrape off bark from the tip (1/2"), then chew the tip gently until brush like and the fiber becomes soft. Brush teeth horizontally and frequently. When the bristles are worn and the flavor has subsided, cut them off & repeat instruction.

Miswak is also spelled as Miswaak, Meswak, Miswaq or Meswaq. In Arabic, it's also known as sewak. Some people prefer spelling it as sewak, siwak, siwaak and with such small variations


Siwak Mint Flavour