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Cream rheumatism with nigella
  • Cream rheumatism with nigella

Cream rheumatism with nigella

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This natural Cream rheumatism with nigella helps to relieve muscle pain due to the problem of rheumatism. At use in massaging the muscles and joints.

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Cream rheumatism with nigella  is a unique combination of assets of the volatile oils with other oils tested in a scientific slide.


Indications for use Cream rheumatism with nigella

DCream rheumatism with nigella applied with simple chronic and acute rheumatism ,which affects various body parts -,knuckles,knees,accompanied by fever,swelling,redness of the joints,back pain ,the cervical and lumbar vertebrae ,which make movement sleep or prolonged siting in one position .In rheumatoid arthritis,gout affects the joints of the toes,pain less pronounced.

Method of application of Cream rheumatism with nigella

Before applying the cream wash the sore spots of warm water ,then apply the cream massaging until completely absorbed skin.In some cases its reccomended to use light treatments using natural remedies of massage .regular use of Dlaka cream beneficial effects on the joints due to the
presence in its composition of plant extracts. the cream ha no side effects.






muscle _dechirure * muscle spasms

_Mal on the back * the knees and ankles * sprains.



apply this cream twice a day at bedtime and in the morning.

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