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Cream that helps reduce the appearance of brown spots and other signs of skin aging while you sleep.

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Cream that helps reduce the appearance of brown spots and other signs of skin aging while you sleep.

About the Product
Eliminate dark spots and pigmentation
Confirming high efficacy after 6-8 weeks of application.

Key Features

Overall smoother skin
Rejuvenated, even complexion
Improved skin hydration
Reduction in the appearance of brown spots
Reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other visible signs of skin aging

This highly exfoliating cream helps to remove dead skin cells, while lightening and toning the skin, leaving you with an improved texture and glow.

A luxurious anti spot cream for treating pigmentation blemishes on the face, providing a uniform and clear tone to the skin, preventing the formation of new melanin spots. Treats all kinds of blemishes and their causes, provides the skin with a uniform, clear and fresh look.
Combines long standing traditions with modern know-how and technology. Contains active ingredients that reduce the activity of the tyrosinase enzyme which cause the production of melanin, plant extracts for brightening the skin, and sun screen for preventing blemishes. Rich in vitamins and moisturizing agents from natural sources for the nourishment of the skin and protection of its suppleness.
Recommended for use in the morning (contains sun screen) and evening. Easily absorbed and suitable for all types of skin.

*For your information: It is best to regularly use Anti Spot Cream daily for three months in order to achieve visible results. In addition, exposure to sunshine will impair skin lightening and improvement in the skin tone.

*Does not contain alcohol*Does not contain paraben or preservatives*Does not contain mineral oils*Does not contain synthetic ingredients.