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Very close to the fruit fragrance. For those who like fruity smells, incense stick Apple to be applied at home or in your store.

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The smell of incense from Green Apple is of high quality, guaranteed without treatment or additional flavors. The smell of incense from Green Apple has known healing properties and at the same time is a powerful antiseptic and purify environments.

The smell of incense from Green Apple is useful to purify the air and the spread of a vibration of serenity and harmony. The smell of incense from Green Apple is of the highest quality and will burn for so many minutes and perfume persists for a long time. It contains no ingredients of animal origin.

The benefits and incense are many therapeutic properties. The incense is a by-product of different plants, which are mainly located in the Horn of Africa and the Arabian peninsula. For this famous yellow resin, you must cut the bark of the trees: it is widely used, in particular, the resin from Boswellia, but there are other varieties. The resin has extrapolated is chosen based on various factors, such as the color, the purity and the environment in which plants grow, for example. But what are the properties of frankincense and what it contains.

< strong >1. it has anti-inflammatory properties < /.strong >
Incense has anti-inflammatory properties: with the same request some German studies which showed that boswellique acids - belonging to varieties Papyrifera - reachto block an enzyme, which is responsible for the synthesis of prostaglandin E2; substance that treats inflammation. < /p >

2 take off the insects.facilities >
Because of its peculiar smell, the incense is able to repel insects, such as mosquitoes: this gas has, indeed, undesirable properties to various annoying insects. You can distribute 3-4 drops of essential oil in the air to scent the environment and keep away the mosquitoes, which can cause allergies.

< strong >3. against respiratory diseases.facilities >
The incense is considered Balsamic and expectorant. It has an excellent Balsamic and properties antimicrobial, able to cure respiratory diseases such as asthma, colds and catarrh.

4. astringent
Incense has astringent properties, in fact, help against pain or menstrual treatment of urinary infections. < /p >

5.soins of the skin.facilities >

The incense is so useful in skin care: there, in fact, a beneficial action on the skin, acting as an antiseptic. It is also particularly useful to combat skin aging and wrinkles.

6. it beats anxiety
Finally, the incense is able to instill calm, overcome the anxiety and fears spread in the air, in fact, it makes the atmosphere more relaxing and can alleviate nervousness, thesadness, depression and anxiety.