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Bkhor Musk

The Bkhor Musk has a fragrance to elevate you into spirituality and connecting you to the higher world. 

Manufactured in India. 

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Bkhor Incense

Musk Incense is known since ancient times. Musk originates from the scent gland of the musk deer. Much loved sweet smelling fragrance, the musk incense was used by the people of Arabia mixed with the cement used to build their mosques, it is also part of the legends of A Thousand and One Nights, and as an ingredient of Naad, a perfume that the ladies of East often used.

From the Sanskrit "mushkas" (originally meaning testicle), to Persian "musk," to Latin "muscus," the mysterious musk scent has been traded westward for millennia. Ancient writings indicate that musk was an important commodity in China as long ago as 3500 BC, and found its way to the Mediterranean by Classical times.

In Europe, attitudes toward musk incense have varied considerably over the past 500 years. In periods of popular acceptance, the scent was hailed as a superior perfume; a fragrance-enhancer; an aphrodisiac; a tonic for the heart; a cure for "melancholy" and "vapours of the womb;" and a general safeguard against weakness and disease. Musk was commonly mixed into medicines and candies, and was sometimes even eaten outright, one "grain" at a time.

In herbal lore, it is said that musk incense is a cleansing, relaxing and calming fragrance encouraging spiritual healing also being burned to increase love, passion, courage, fertility. 

Here's an aroma that is strong, sweet, spice-like with woody undertones all set to rejuvenate your sensuality. The musk incense has a fragrance to elevate you into spirituality and connecting you to the higher world. 

Discover the fragrance of True Musk Incense Extracts, Blended with special Aromatic Compounds to give you Musk Fragrance as never before .


Bkhor Musk

Perfumes with or without quality higher alcohol, coming directemnt of the emirates, from Morocco, of India and of pakistan. also contains quality incense


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