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Red lipstick 24 hours
  • Red lipstick 24 hours

Red lipstick 24 hours

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The makeup with red lipstick are very popular among celebrities, bloggers and women in general. 

Color: Blue
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The makeup with red lipstick are very popular among celebrities, bloggers and women in general.

Advantages when using red lipstick:
- Red lipstick looks good on all skin tones;
- Can be used at any time of day;
- Women are more sexy when they wear lipstick that color;
- Combines with all the shadow colors;
- There are shades to suit all tastes, from the most open to the most closed;
- Leave the well-marked lips.

Red: The color of passion, the color of love. It's probably the sexiest color around and when painted on your lips, it's dynamite. Like with all lip makeup colors, certain shades of red look better on some skin tones than others.

Tips for using red lipstick
- Prepare the skin. A beautiful skin is the foundation of everything;
- Abuse of mascara. Several beds lashes above and below help define the eyes;
- Use an illuminating light shadow on the entire mobile eyelid (pass illuminator powder, if you have, it is a good choice);
- Black pencil or eyeliner on top, at the outer corner of the eyes. The important thing is not to shift the focus of the lips;
- If you do not dispense the shadow special events, give preference to shades of brown and gray instead of black;
- Beige pencil in the eye is great to open the eyes
- Use a more neutral tone, pulled skin tones or bronzer. Both applied sparingly.
Prepare the skin by cleaning it, toning and then apply the basic primer on the T-zone and oilier parts of his face;
Apply the base using a synthetic brush or fingers.

1. Lipstick intensifies the colour of your eyes

When you put the right colour lipstick on your lips, it does amazing things for your eyes. Colour on your lips affects the colour of your eyes. Your eye colour looks much more intense; blue eyes look bluer, green eyes look greener, brown eyes look browner, etc. It draws out and emphasises their natural colour.

2. Lipstick makes your eyes look bigger

Because the colour is intensified your eyes appear more prominent, more "in focus" and look much bigger.

3. Lipstick really defines your mouth

If you outline and add colour to an area it will define it. This is great if you’re speaking or need to command attention and authority. But it’s also great for every day – we want people to listen to us, to our ideas, opinions, likes and dislikes.

4. Lipstick protects and moisturises your lips

On a purely practical level, lipstick and lip-glosses are good for your lips; they keep them moisturised and protected from the wind and sun. No one likes dry, cracked lips!

5. Lipstick makes you look healthy and well

By putting a colour that complements for your skin tone on your lips it will make your skin look better, making you look healthier and well.

6. Lipstick makes your face look slimmer

When you define your lips and add colour it draws the eye to the centre, away from the outline of the face and therefore your face appears slimmer.

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