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Alum Stone ground 500g
  • Alum Stone ground 500g
  • Alum Stone ground 500g
  • Alum Stone ground 500g
  • Alum Stone ground 500g
  • Alum Stone ground 500g

Alum Stone ground 500g

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Alum stone ground 

Alum Stone ground  help to reduce odors limit sweating, sore gums, mouth ulcers, oral and dental buttons acne, fungus, mosquitoes.

Alum Stone an indispensable complement to your daily hygiene routine. A genuine 100% mineral panacea which is also odourless.

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Alum stone ground 

The alum stone: the most natural deodorants!
Rock crystal drops on the epidermis of microparticles: 

Antiseptics, which prevent the development of bacteria, source of malodours.
Astringentes, that naturally limit sweating without the blocking.
Acting on the surface and not in depth.
The stone of alum is also effective to stop bleeding from small cuts or scrapes and to remove the fire after shaving. Alum improves the small problems oral, gums, painful, canker sores,...The Alum stone can be used on parts of the body where sweating is embarrassing: armpits. Front. Hands. Feet. Parties respondents.
Directions for use: go dry on wet or wet skin on dry skin.
Suitable for all types of even the most delicate skin. Very economic, used daily may last 2-3 years. Do not ask about a place wet to risk it disintegrates.


Alum Stone Powder – when ground, alum stone powder is used as talcum powder.  Perspiration is controlled, but not blocked, and it stops the formation of bacteria responsible for unpleasant odours.  Can be used for feet, footwear, hands, armpits, etc.

Product Description
History: Alum (from the Greek als, alos, "the salt"), or potassium alum, is a natural crystal made of 100% mineral salts (potassium and aluminium sulphates). 100% natural alum stone is quarried in various regions of the world. Potassium alum is a naturally occurring sulfate mineral which typically occurs as encrustations on rocks in areas of potassium-bearing minerals. Aleppo Soap Co. Alum Stone is made from naturally mined alunite, a mineral mined from sulfur-containing volcanic sediments source.  Natural alum stone was used in Ancient Egypt for its astringent, haemostatic and disinfectant properties. Nowadays, alum stone is one of the most effective (and certainly least expensive) deodorants.


 Alum Stone ground 500g


Alum Stone an indispensable complement to your daily hygiene routine. A genuine 100% mineral panacea which is also odourless.

Use: The antiseptic and astringent characteristics of this natural alum stone offer multiple uses:
Potassium alum stone is based on natural alunite extracted from mines.
The stone of ammonium alum is manufactured by the Asian chemical industries with salt of ammonium obtained by synthesis.
The Alum stone natural is recognized by its composition non-appearance.
The Cosmetic Act requires manufacturersdeclare the ingredients on their labels. So you can easily determine whether your stone of alum contains ammonium.
Natural stone of alum is identified as "POTASSIUM ALUM".
The stone of synthetic alum must be declared as "AMMONIUM ALUM".

Natural stone of alum is salt of Potassium which is an element from the nature.
The stone of ammonium alum is manufactured salt of ammonium (NH4) 2SO4, element, which is a by-product of the chemical industry.
The (sulfate) Thai ammonium salt comes from nylon industries and is a byproduct of caprolactam.
potassium salt of K2 (SO4), salt of ammonium NH4 (SO4).
K = Potassium extracted the nature.
NH4 = ammonium manufactured by synthesis of nitrogen with hydrogen.
Natural aluminum salts (alums)
Natural cosmetics not aluminum (chloride or chlohydrates of aluminum) compounds used in deodorants but prefer them alums, natural crystalline powder from the aluneux shale, which are oxides and hydroxides of aluminium and alumina. These are chemically inert, i.e. that in the State, they are not chemically reactive. As a result, the alums are unlikely to release aluminum. Otherwise all aluminum chloride hydrate used in many standard deodorants.

In natural cosmetology, alum integrated in to his power antiperspirant deodorants is gentle to the skin. It is therefore not to fear consequences for the epidermis, or negative impact due to plugged pores.

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