Black Jawi – Raw Incense 200g


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Black Jawi – Raw Incense

Black Jawri has a strong aromatic smell, is used to cleanse your house & spread positive loving healing energy”

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Black Jawi – Raw Incense

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Raw Incense- Gum Benjamin – Black Jawi
Traditionally this balsamic resin with the aroma of “vanilla ice-cream” is used in incense making & perfumery. Obtained from the Styrax Benzoin tree,  also known as the Sumatra Benzoin tree, native to the
island Sumatra, Indonesia. “Black Jawri has a strong aromatic smell, is used to cleanse your house & spread positive loving healing energy”

It’s a major component of the type of church incense used in Russia & some other Orthodox Christian societies & also in Arab States of the Persian Gulf  & India, where it is burned on charcoal as an incense.
When called sambrani or sambraani, it is a popular Indian incense used to scent & treat hair & prevent infections. After a baby is bathed, the baby is exposed to the sambraani smoke for few seconds; as it dries
the baby’s hair quickly, thereby avoiding any cold & pneumonia related ailments due to prolonged wet hair. This product needs to get to a high heat in order to smoke properly.
Very pleasant smells & so perfect for ceremony sure..

Tips….Take a pinch to burn on a red charcoal. Place it in a bronze (or ceramic) burner if possible to burn this aromatic resin. Incense resins are vaporized on red hot charcoal tablets in a incense burner usually made of bronze. How to burn incense? Burn a charcoal tablet in the incense burner & place part of the resin on it, wait a few seconds & watch the aromatic smoke rise & enjoy. Always use caution, burning incense is hot stuff! Always place your burner on a heat-resistant surface, such as a ceramic tile. Place your burning incense in or on a stable, non-flammable, heatproof burner.


Black Jawi – Raw Incense


Incense Jaoui has many advantages and can be used:

  * To give a good aromatic odor in homes, mosques and other places.
      * Used benzoin incense in the pharmaceutical industry to expel phlegm and clean the airways.
      * Services in cases of asthma by inhaling tobacco smoke.
      * Diuretic benzoin and incense cleaning occasion urinary tract.
      * Used to treat the flu and cough and relieve symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis.
      * Used as to disinfect wounds.
      * A negative energy disinfecting properties on the body.
      * Enhances mental focus.
      * Spraying incense sandalwood to sharpen psychic powers.
      * Removes depression and psychological problems.
      * Relieve pain.
      * Gives lightness in the body and the speed and force at work ...