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Black Jawi – Raw Incense 200g

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Black Jawi – Raw Incense

Black Jawri has a strong aromatic smell, is used to cleanse your house & spread positive loving healing energy”

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Black Jawi – Raw Incense

Product Description

Raw Incense- Gum Benjamin – Black Jawi
Traditionally this balsamic resin with the aroma of “vanilla ice-cream” is used in incense making & perfumery. Obtained from the Styrax Benzoin tree,  also known as the Sumatra Benzoin tree, native to the
island Sumatra, Indonesia. “Black Jawri has a strong aromatic smell, is used to cleanse your house & spread positive loving healing energy”

It’s a major component of the type of church incense used in Russia & some other Orthodox Christian societies & also in Arab States of the Persian Gulf  & India, where it is burned on charcoal as an incense.
When called sambrani or sambraani, it is a popular Indian incense used to scent & treat hair & prevent infections. After a baby is bathed, the baby is exposed to the sambraani smoke for few seconds; as it dries
the baby’s hair quickly, thereby avoiding any cold & pneumonia related ailments due to prolonged wet hair. This product needs to get to a high heat in order to smoke properly.
Very pleasant smells & so perfect for ceremony sure..

Tips….Take a pinch to burn on a red charcoal. Place it in a bronze (or ceramic) burner if possible to burn this aromatic resin. Incense resins are vaporized on red hot charcoal tablets in a incense burner usually made of bronze. How to burn incense? Burn a charcoal tablet in the incense burner & place part of the resin on it, wait a few seconds & watch the aromatic smoke rise & enjoy. Always use caution, burning incense is hot stuff! Always place your burner on a heat-resistant surface, such as a ceramic tile. Place your burning incense in or on a stable, non-flammable, heatproof burner.


Black Jawi – Raw Incense


Incense Jaoui has many advantages and can be used:

  * To give a good aromatic odor in homes, mosques and other places.
      * Used benzoin incense in the pharmaceutical industry to expel phlegm and clean the airways.
      * Services in cases of asthma by inhaling tobacco smoke.
      * Diuretic benzoin and incense cleaning occasion urinary tract.
      * Used to treat the flu and cough and relieve symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis.
      * Used as to disinfect wounds.
      * A negative energy disinfecting properties on the body.
      * Enhances mental focus.
      * Spraying incense sandalwood to sharpen psychic powers.
      * Removes depression and psychological problems.
      * Relieve pain.
      * Gives lightness in the body and the speed and force at work ...

Perfumes with or without quality higher alcohol, coming directemnt of the emirates, from Morocco, of India and of pakistan. also contains quality incense


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