500g of Sidr ground (Ziziphus)


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 Sidr Ground (Ziziphus)

The sidr tradionally is used by Muslims to wash. It allows to fix indigo and katam and is well suited for dry hair. It is also recommended to treat diseases of the scalp.

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 Sidr Ground (Ziziphus)

The sidr(Ziziphus) tradionally is used by Muslims to wash. It allows to fix indigo and katam and is well suited for dry hair. It is also recommended to treat diseases of the scalp.

The sidr, mixed with water, can wash their hair naturally but unlike these two powders it does not disgorge the colors due to its high potassium content and very well suited for dry hair.

The sidr green powder is beige. It simply mix two teaspoon sidr with a little hot water. This gives a nice gooey cream that inflates. Some like to beat with a fork so that it swells well.

My method for washing the sidr I take two large teaspoons of powder I put in a small bowl. I added hot water or infusion. I mixture to obtain a not too liquid cream because after it runs and it's painful. I wet my hair, I apply the cream and massage thoroughly. It must take its time. I put in plastic or under a shower cap. I leave asking about twenty minutes long but it's better. Before rinsing, it is best to massage the hair again. Then I rinse my hair in a bucket. This prevents clogging fragile pipes and then washing is best. I rinse and ground very carefully. No need to shampoo. Once dry, the hair is soft, silky, clean and fragrant. The most important thing is to take your time. If one is pressed, the result is often disappointing.


500g ground Sidr (Ziziphus)



Sidr can be used alone or in combination with another half powder (washing powder or caregiver powder). You can also use a decoction cockle or ivy to prepare it.

Here are some tips on washing the hair with powders.

My tests showed that the addition of 1/5 to 4/5 in sidr katam possible to obtain a much darker color, which is not the case with indigo which gave the same extent a lighter color.

Some have found that sidr tanking a little hair.

Sidr for Hair benefits :

* The brittle and weak hair becomes shiny.

* Stop  hair loss.
* Makes skin healthy scalp.
* Allows for long hair in a short period of time.

The trick is in the leaves of jujube (Moroccan dialect sadra) and Arabic awra9 assidr. It is the leaves of large trees found on spikes along the road sides, left and right in Moroccan highways, rural children and herbalists.

It is used in exorcism and treatment against witchcraft.

Jujube in Islam:

 This tree is present in Paradise:

There is also talk of jujube in the story of the Night Journey of the Ascension of Mohammed sala allaho alayhi wa sallam accompanied by the Angel Gabriel to the jujube the upper limit.

Then he took me to '' al-Muntaha Sidrat '(jujube the upper limit) whose leaves were like elephant ears and fruits were [large] as the pitchers. When -by Allah- order jujube was covered with what covered it, he turned and none of the creatures of Allah could describe its splendor.

Many hadiths relate that the Prophet sala allaho 3alayhi wa sallam asked the people in charge of washing the dead, to wash with water mixed with jujube.