Mixture eaten witchcraft


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Mixture to evacuate witchcraft eaten, and other properties.

Our cure recipe against witchcraft consists  mixture of Senna leaves, Rosemary, and other herbal plants .

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Effectively, our mixture to evacuate witchcraft eaten treats constipation problems, hemoroides, swollen belly , and helps clear eaten witchcraft.


Mixture to evacuate witchcraft eaten, and other properties.

The Witchcraft is placed in the food and drink, people who do not believe or eat and drink are innocent victims, their stomachs were formed animals, toads, snakes, monkeys, fish etc.
These animals are spirits of darkness, not the physical toad, but a toad or animal within the person with all its features. The person feels haunted, who has the gift of vision sees these animals during the session release the person casting out demons of witchcraft from your body or herself.

For this reason, people should be careful who eat and drink, often the same friends or family, girlfriends or boyfriends, people with some kind of romantic relationship ,they offer through food or drink anything a type of witchcraft .


Mixture to evacuate witchcraft eaten, and other properties.


Sometimes they do it consciously, sometimes ignoring the evil of the other person. The important for them that witchcraft is placed between the body of the person

Use and care: 

Put the content in a liter of hot water leave it for 1 hour, then filter and put the liquid in the fridge, then take a cup coffee before each meal. 

PS: you can add a teaspoon of honey in each Cup.