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Perfume Al Ward (Pink)


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This perfume has warm cinamon head notes and has tonka bean/patchouli background notes. A must buy for women!

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Fragrance Al Ward (Rose)
Warm top note: cinnamon.

Ultra feminine heart notes: rose from Morocco, Turkey and Bulgaria.

Base notes: patchouli, tonka bean.
Bottle 5 ml

There are two species of rose used in perfumery. May rose or rose Centifolia, grown in southern France and Morocco, gives by extraction with volatile solvents, the concrete, then the absolute of rose, the smell hot, waxy, honeyed, spicy and a little tobacco.
The essential oil of rose is obtained by distillation of the petals of the Damascena rose, mainly grown in Turkey and Bulgaria. Its odor is fresher, more lemony, more fruity than the absolute, because a greater number of volatile compounds are driven by the water vapor, whereas in the absolute, it is the heavier compounds, like the waxes, which are extracted by solvents.