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Papaya oil
  • Papaya oil
  • Papaya oil
  • Papaya oil
  • Papaya oil

Papaya seed oil

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  our papaya oil from the brand al Kawthar helps to regulate the excess of sebum, cleans, makes hair shine and fortifies. Ideal for normal to oily skin..


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Skin benefits of papaya seed oil

A great exfoliator

Avoid buying expensive and sometimes harsh exfoliating products, instead using the natural exfoliating effects of papaya seed oil. The effects are quite mild but powerful at the same time, so you will not end up with a raw complexion.

Can help with hyper-pigmentation

If you have an uneven skin tone or if you have dark areas on your face, such as hyperpigmentation, papaya seed oil can help you.

Illuminates the complexion of the skin

Again, regular use of papaya seed oil on the skin will make a huge difference in terms of dullness and lack of life. After a while, the skin will appear brighter and brighter.

Can acne fight acne

The anti-inflammatory properties of papaya seed oil, combined with its ability to reduce scars and lighten skin in general, are ideal for people with acne. We mentioned earlier that oil does not block pores because it has a low comedogenic factor.

Reduces inflammation

Papaya seed oil has great anti-inflammatory powers. Therefore, if you suffer from redness, inflammation or even tense skin, it can help.

Use papaya seed oil overnight

The best time to use papaya oil is certainly at night. Indeed, when you sleep, your skin regenerates and regenerates, allowing the oil to do its job better in conjunction with the natural healing process.



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