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Huile de genévrier pour utilisation interne et externe, un remède naturel, Anti-inflammatoire, elle lutte contre les douleurs de rhumatisme et aide à nettoyer les toxines dans les reins. .

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the many Properties of oil of Juniper proposed by various, are a valuable ally in case of arthritis, disorders of blood circulation and digestion - especially to eliminate the toxins-rheumatism or to combat cellulite.

oil of Juniper is mainly known for its many benefits.

here are some good reasons to use this oil to the qutidien:

_ it is effective against arthritis and also heals the paralysis and the sciatiques.

_ analgesic, antiseptic, anti - inflammatory and anti - infectious. Oil of Juniper is beneficial in cases of inflammatory colitis and cystitis.

_ it can be used also against lithiasiques (calculations renaUX or bladder), and as antispasmodic.

Strangers oil is depurative and detoxifying and diuretic. It works against cellulite and diabetes. < SPyear >

_Elle fight against skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and dermatitis.

_ She treats very difficult digestion and intestinal gas.../ span >

_ Juniper oil is effective against physical and nervous fatigue.

_ Oil genievrier can be used for body massage oil. < /span >

_ You can use oil genievrier for a hair care, pour a few drops in your shampoo.

_ You can use oil genievrier in broadcast. even inhale it in case of sinusitis Chronicles.