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oil of costus Indian marine is suitable for treatment by the Koran(La Roqya). inflammation arthritis. and help also to relieve pain in the joints, back, neck and legs. 30 ml bottle

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among the benefits of the marine Indian Costus oil:

  • it is suitable for treatment by the Quran (the Roqya).
  • against the joint inflammation.
  • helps to relieve the pain of the joints, back, neck and legs.
  • effective against diseases of the skin.
  • helps relieve muscle cramps.
  • helps care for dry feet.
  • help to scarring.
  • helps to treat chronic migraine.
  • helps clean the stomach and abdomen.
  • strengthens the immunity of the body.

<make face = "Verdana, Arial" > use in the case of Roqya:

you can use the oil of Costus Indian in two ways:

1_Soit like a massage on the joints, the nose, the head. Then listen roqya.

2_Soit for cases of witchcraft eaten: take a teaspoon morning and night.