Oil of ruta graveolens


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 Oil of ruta graveolens

Oil of ruta graveolens, handles cases neurologists and psychiatric, useful in cases of epilepsy and possession demonic, care the pain of rheumatism and joint, anti poison, evacuates the gas and intestinal worms.

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 Oil of ruta graveolens

Its essence is colorless or slightly yellow characteristic strong smell. Its essential oils are rich in acids (anisic, caprylic and salicylic acid, which give it its power analgesic), terpenes, alkaloids, tannins and routine, and have rubefacients properties (ie, producing redness of the skin), antispasmodic, emmenagogue (that promote menstruation) and antiparasitic. The active ingredients are found throughout the plant. Maximo Martinez, great student of herbal medicine says that is also constituted by albumin, nitrogenous substances, gum, starch and a special sugar.


Oil of ruta graveolens


This plant should be used in small quantities because of their highly toxic potential.

Gastrointestinal spasms.
Varicose veins, hemorrhoids.
By outsourcing to treat vitiligo and leukoderma.
Excellent to soothe ear pain (otalgia).
Stomach pain (gastralgias).


Pregnancy, lactation.

The use of this oil for evil occult: 

-It can be used after coranisé with Roqya Chariya then massaged with the evening, she has a big effect on touch by the Jinn, and in the case of possession.

-During the Roqya, it can be felt to the patient, this can create a huge effect on the Jinn.

-Put a tablespoon of the oil in a cup of water and drink it every morning.


-This oil is prohibited for children less than 12 years.

-Banned for women pregnant or lactating.

 -People who have digestive diseases should avoid drinking.