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Black Soap Zin Laarayess
  • Black Soap Zin Laarayess

Black Soap Zin Laarayess

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Black Soap Zin Laarayess

This natural therapeutic Black Soap Zin Laarayess is made from 100% virgin black olive oil. It is ideal in preparing the skin for exfoliation and has a unique ability to moisturize, and cleanse the skin as well. Rich in vitamin E, it can be used for all types of skin.

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Black Soap Zin Laarayess

What is the Black Soap Zin Laarayess

Black Soap Zin Laarayess is used in baths (hammam) in the east, the Turkish bath or steam bath, especially in the beach town of Essaouria in the Atlantic coast of Morocco, where this soap was created.

Black Soap Zin Laarayess is a soap in paste form that makes few lather, dark brown, rich in vitamin E, which has many beneficial properties for the skin, which highlights its exfoliating action plus moisturize and soften the skin. It is used to prepare the skin for manual exfoliation, purifying the skin to thicken dead cells for subsequent removal.

How used Black Soap Zin Laarayess

With the skin being hot and humid environment in the sauna steam is passed over the entire body and Beldi black soap is left to act for 10 minutes as a mask treatment. Elapsed time is completely removed and then with a sponge appropriate uses up the sponge in Morocco Kassa suitable for Hamman, proceeds to hard exfoliation where dead skin cells are easily removed.This environment vapors and heat may be reproduced, stored in due proportion, in the home environment to form vapors leave the shower running in the bathroom stall.

Black Soap Zin Laarayess Formulation

There are several types of Beldi soap being the traditional dark color and fragrance of eucalyptus. The soap is made from olive oil and black olive paste saponificated with potassium hydroxide (KOH). Until the beginning of this month of April, I knew nothing about the black soap from North Africa and the Middle East and specifically this Beldi black soap. Was placed a post in the group Saboaria, Portugal, where I took the first contact. I was very concerned with the composition and apparent simplicity. A comment on my blog the soaper Luis Carlos Gulias made me a chance to make this handmade soap hot process by the process liquid soap, simply leave in paste form and not to dilute the liquid soap.

Analyzing the components of this soap you arrive at the conclusion that the key component is olive paste. It is an empirical reasoning by exclusion, because without the olive paste, this would be a simple soap, an olive soap in paste. The olive is approximately, varies according to the species type climate, and other variables, 52% water, 19% oil, 1.5% protein, 19% sugar, 7% cellulose  and 1.5% ash. For these components is that they should impart the characteristic properties of Beldì.

-Black SOAP makes beautiful and glowing skin
-Black SOAP removes all dirt and dead skin
-Black SOAP makes the soft skin and feeds with the vitamin it contains.
-Black SOAP adapts to all skins
-Black SOAP is a great Exfoliating and hydrating
-Black SOAP purifies and cleanses the skin in depth

Black Soap Zin Laarayess



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