Fertility and Procreation treatment


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Fertility and Procreation treatment.

Our cure recipe of Al khossoba (fertility) is a natural black seed-based mixture, honey, pollen, ginger... that helps strengthen the sperm in males and stimulates the functions of the ovaries in women combat sexual weakness in General for men and women.

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Fertility and Procreation treatment

The wonder of the reproductive process remains a mystery about which factors influence that is often downplayed.

In our cure recipe you'll get the possibilities to increase the natural fertility. Most of them are simply trying to change certain habits and everyday behavior. We also offer natural remedies, whose effectiveness has helped many women since ancient times to achieve the desired pregnancy.

You must keep in mind that although fertilization can only take place within 24 hours after ovulation, it is considered that the fertile period begins several days before this, since sperm can stay alive up to five days inside the body women, if they find the right conditions.

At present, our cure recipe has begun to be taken seriously into account in the field of infertility therapy.

It favors a balanced hormonal balance follicular growth, promotes healthy development of reproductive tissues in the uterus and allows the fertilized egg can implant properly and safely. For men, the quality, quantity and motility of healthy sperm are crucial to ensuring their reproductive health. Certain nutritional supplements can positively influence the organism favoring these functions.


Fertility and Procreation treatment


Directions for use: 

Drinking on an empty stomach  in the morning and another before sleeping

PS: this is a compliment food without seconfaire effect, is not a drug.