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Henna for Hair (250 g)
  • Henna for Hair (250 g)
  • Henna for Hair (250 g)
  • Henna for Hair (250 g)
  • Henna for Hair (250 g)
  • Henna for Hair (250 g)
  • Henna for Hair (250 g)

Henna for Hair (250 g)

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Henna for Hair 

Our Henna for hair is 100 % natural.Henna is very known for its characteristic natural hair dye. But you have to consider several factors when applying the henna on the hair and follow the recommendations mentioned below.

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Henna for Hair 

Henna is a plant whose extract has pigments, able to dye your hair in different shades. These hues ranging from orange to reddish hair color depending on which it is applied.

Henna (bag of 250 g ) sheath and strengthens the hair, he gives the thickness, volume, the force of the brightness to the hair.

The color of hair dyed with henna lasts from one to six months.


Henna Hair


However, to avoid surprises, please note the following circumstances, which may alter the expected effects:

If you have dyed hair or with many gray hairs you may not get the desired result or is dyed a different color.
If you have hair dyed henna, until you do not cut the hair should not use another dye because it is possible that the hair of an unwanted color ringworm, you should know that once you use henna for hair, although there are no remains of paint remains in the hair until you cut it.
Once you are clear that you can use henna smoothly, the rest is just follow these steps:

How to dye your hair with henna?
Choose the color you want, in the market there are various shades hair coloring. You can buy the product at any herbalist or specialty shop.
Henna is a natural product, which will not last as long as a chemical dye because it will wash out removing about you lasts 1-3 months, but the color is gradually disappearing. And remember, even if you already do not see color in the hair, henna remains until you cut it, so be careful with mixing with chemical dye.
Now that you've chosen your color, you can mix it in a bowl of henna powder with boiling water and make a rather thick but smooth paste. Once mixed, let it cool enough to not harm your scalp from the heat.

Before applying the mixture on the hair I advise you to use gloves because if you are not going to stain your hands immediately. They usually come in a plastic box henna.
Hair must be clean and dry before application. Wash it the day before.
Go applying the mixture from root to tip.
Once applied, massages and hair covered with plastic or cloth and let stand for one to several hours, as indicated in the box and the tone you want to achieve. The longer you let the mixture, the stronger the tone you get.
You must keep your head with heat so that the henna work better.
After this time, wash your hair as usual.

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The neutral henna extract 100% plant, brings no staining but is a wonderful hair treatment: cleaner especially long-haired hides fat or wrap, sheath, strengthens the fine hair or raplaplas and brings shine to all hair types. Its regular application denser your capillary fiber providing volume across your hair, protects it, makes it flexible and easy to style.

It is also a natural treatment that promotes the elimination of lice and nits. Wrapped henna, the hair becomes an inhospitable environment for these small parasites which can no longer hang on there and lay eggs.

50 g of neutral henna for about 150 ml of water

100 g of neutral henna for about 300 ml water

150 g of neutral henna for about 450 ml of water

Council of preparation:

In a container, mix the henna powder with boiling water, preferably demineralized, until a creamy texture easily applicable, as afresh cream.

On non-washed dry or wet hair, apply the brush or fingers, Wick by Wick, from the root to the tip of the hair, starting at the top of the head.

And then on the rest of the head, you can distribute the dough on all of the hair by coating your lengths the hand.

Massage a few moments the scalp with the tips of the fingers.

Then consolidate the hair at the top of the head, protect borders of outline of the face with a band or a cotton lige before cover the set of a film food or a charlotte to keep the heat from the body.

Clean traces of henna on the face. Protect your neck with a towel because henna danger of sinking by bare heat.

Let pause about two hours to obtain the benefits on your hair.

Rinse with lukewarm water to remove the bulk of pulp, and then wash hair with a ultra mild shampoo Centifolia and flush again until the water is clear.

Beauty Tip: to fine hair, sensitized and dry, it is advisable to add according to your choice: 1 to 2 tablespoons of castor oil, of coconut, argan, of Virgin olive oil or slightly melted Shea butter oil to your mixture, because henna can slightly dry the hair fiber.

NORMAL HAIR: 1 application 1 time every 2 months with the addition of 1-3 spoons of oil plant first pressure or Shea (depending on the length of hair) to preserve the balance of the hair fiber.

FAT HAIR : 1 to 2 applications per month in intensive treatment and 1 application 2 months when the balance of the scalp will be restored. The shampoos are spaced and hair found volume.

DRY hair: 1 application 1 time every 3 months with the addition of 2-6 spoons of oil plant first pressure or Shea (depending on the length of hair) to feed the capillary fibre in depth.
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