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DISAAR - hair 60 ml garlic oil
  • DISAAR - hair 60 ml garlic oil
  • DISAAR - hair 60 ml garlic oil

DISAAR - hair 60 ml garlic oil

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DISAAR - hair 60 ml oil

massage oil hair protein-enriched and vitamins, which helps improve the State of the hair dry, brittle and damaged ends ends hair in four.


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DISAAR - Hair care oil with garlic fights dandruff and seborrhea. It activates the scalp and prevents hair loss.
For people for whom the hair does not grow at all, garlic aims to restore the activity of the hair bulb.
DISAAR - Hair care oil with garlic is perfect for dry and fragile hair.
Many people admit to being surprised about the figuration of garlic among oils, indeed, for them the oils still have a sweet fragrance, while garlic has a strong and unpleasant smell but just as effective for the regrowth of garlic. hair !
DISAAR - Hair Care Oil, garlic is a powerful antiseptic and is proven to be effective as a detoxifier and decongestant. It has a beneficial effect on the blood circulation.
The active ingredients it contains are alliine, allinase, allicin, allithiamine, antibiotic allistatins, garciline, nicotinamide, biological iodine, biological sulfur, vitamin A and many oligo -Elements.
The virtues of DISAAR - hair care oil are numerous:
- DISAAR - Hair care oil, with garlic effectively fight against hair loss
- It promotes the regrowth at the level of the hair bulb
- It cleanses the scalp and fights dandruff
- It gives a beautiful shine to dry and fragile hair
- Garlic has antiseptic, antibacterial and detoxifying properties that make it an adequate treatment to overcome acne.
The hair massage oil enriched with proteins and vitamins, helps to improve the condition of dry, brittle, damaged and split hair.
This oil enriched with sunscreen helps protect your hair from sunlight.
Composed of sesame seeds, it helps to improve the condition of dry and damaged hair and makes them healthy. with split-end for health.
Olive oil helps make your hair soft and shiny.
Your hair becomes visibly softer, smoother and more flexible.

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