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Honey to gain weight

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This honey originates from the Sahara, helps to gain weight and eliminate leanness.

Tones the skin and reduces wrinkles.


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This honey originates from the Sahara, helps to gain weight and eliminate leanness.

Tones the skin and reduces wrinkles.



- Helps weight gain and eliminates leanness.

-Tonifies the skin and reduces wrinkles.

-Riches in vitamins and minerals.

-Increases appetite and can help gain weight.

-This fruit mix can be eaten at breakfast or added at lunch or dinner, depending on availability.

Mix very effective for lean people because its ingredients act very quickly. Results in 3 months.


Use :

A teaspoon with a glass of hot milk, or with yoghurt.

To take half an hour after each meal (3 times a day: breakfast - lunch - dinner).



The result will be visible little by little.

We have very good feedback from the customers who took it.


Eat healthy

In trying to gain weight, you should focus more on eating healthy, vitamin-rich, and mineral-rich foods. A study conducted by Dr. Una Masic and Dr. Martin R Yeomans and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that umami taste increases satiety and increases appetite and can help gain weight.
The list of healthy foods includes the following:

Meat and poultry
Unsaturated vegetable fats
Low fat milk
Starch content in good health
Vegetables and fruits
Cashew nuts, almonds, dates, nuts, raisins, apricots and peaches
Sesame seeds, peanuts and peanuts
Note: Fruits and nuts can easily be added to breakfast, salads, cereals and desserts.
According to a study conducted by Dr. Victor L. Fulgoni, III et al. [3] Raisin consumption is associated with better weight parameters and better nutrient uptake. They are densely packed with nutrients, which means even small portions of raisins provide a lot of calories. A quarter cup of raisins contains up to 100 calories. So, eating grapes every day can significantly increase your weight.


Increased food intake
Increasing the amount of food you eat is the easiest way for you to gain weight. This may be an increase in the number of meals you eat each day or the amount of food you eat each meal. Eating carbohydrate foods can help gain weight. Weight gain can be as difficult as losing it. It's a time-consuming process that requires dedication. Remember - Rome was not built in a day.


Eating often, for example six times a day, can help you gain weight. However, each meal should be a small meal. A study conducted by Grace Brooke Huffman, M.D on elderly people showed that eating a full meal without having an appetite can cause an aversion to food. [7] Instead, eating small meals at regular intervals improves appetite and thus increases weight gain.

Follow a diet rich in fat

The consumption of animal fats and high-fat foods contributes to weight gain but should not exceed recommended levels. It is important to know that increased consumption of animal fat can also increase the risk of cholesterol in the blood. Instead, one can opt for unsaturated vegetable fats that are healthy and very useful for weight gain.

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