7 Oil For Roqya

A 13-926

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Our oil to heal against occult diseases evil witchcraft and possession, this oil is composed of 7 different effective oil.

Composition: jujube oil, costus oil, nigella oil, olive oil. and other oils

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Composition: jujube oil, costus oil, nigella oil, olive oil.

What you need to know, the roqya is a cause for healing that consists of reading in Arabic some Qur'anic verses (some are more effective), or invocations.
 This must be done in the rules of the authentic sunnah.

 On this condition, and by Allah's permission, it is possible to heal many occult or organic diseases
Most of the occult diseases that many suffer from are:
 The bad eye: being noticed, not protected by ablution and other protections, in case of illness, the affected person can have many symptoms.

Witchcraft: when a person wants you badly, can go see wizards or witch then you make sorceries, and there are several types, this oil can help you with the massage every day with, and listening to the roqya every day .

This roqya oil can also help you with any other diseases or symptoms: like headache. This oil combines the benefits of costus, nigella, jujube, olive and the hated plant of the jinn. It effectively completes Qur'anic reading for roqya to relieve physical pain or behavioral disturbances.

Composition: jujube oil, costus oil, black seed oil, olive oil and other oil used for roqya.

Use: In massage, apply the oil on the painful areas. You can also take a teaspoon before making roqya