Palm Pollen: a natural treatment against infertility


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Palm tree pollen

Palm Pollen is product entirely natural. It's as a remedy and food supplements in traditional Arabic medicine,especially used for infertility problems.

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Palm pollen
Palm pollen it is white powder extract from male palm Arab tree in March
Palm pollen have high value a lot of proteins and vitamins and have high sexual effect to both man and women
Palm Pollen is one of the richest and purest natural foods ever discovered, and the incredible nutritional and medicinal value of pollen has been known for centuries discovered

Palm tree pollen
Pollen contains the richest known source of vitamins, minerals, proteins amino acids, hormones, enzymes and fats, as well as significant quantities of natural antibiotics. Most of the known vitamins in pollen exist in perfect proportion, which further enhances their value
One teaspoonful of pollen contains approximately 2.5 billion grains.

The Vitamins content of Palm Pollen :
1-Vitamin A

2- Vitamin B1 (thiamine)
3- Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)

4- vitamin B3
5- Vitamin B5

6- Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)
7- Vitamin B12,

8- vitamin E (tocopherol).
9- vitamin D

10- PABA
11- Nicotinic acid

12- Pantothenic acid
13- Folic acid

14- biotin
15- inositol

How to use :

1 to 2 grams before each meal with honey or milk. 

Palm pollen - approximately 20 g ground

Among the benefits :

-Improves the immunity of the body

-Restores the strength and tone body

-Increases force in intimate relationships

-Increases the number of sperm

-Helps women become pregnant

-Help for ovulation

-A use also overwork

- Or when you work much, overwork, fatigue...

The Palm Pollen
(Palm involves fresh pollen) (Quran 10). It is apparent that the male pollen in which the palm is vaccinated, the pollen appears in cover similar to two adjoined boats. It is an extra white soft powder rapid- volatilization if encountered a breeze

Regarding men, it works on stimulating the sperms , treating the sperm abnormalities, increasing the  number, movement, and speed of the sperms that  enables the sperms on fertilizing the ovary.

For women, it works on activating their LMP and treating the ovary polycystic that increases the opportunities of pregnancy occurrence. According to the  great benefits of the bee pollen tablets and palm pollen for energizing and strengthen due to eating them during the same period of treating the ginseng +. the pollen is free and for fertilization we offer you the pollen as component of the ginseng + components    with little percentages that requires obtaining additional  quantities. 

Regarding the bee pollen tablets, we haven’t added it to the honey to change its taste whereas there likely some people dislike it. As well as, because of there probably one individual – among thousand individuals- suffer from  allergy against the pollen tablets and this is as a precautionary measure.