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  • Herbal tea for diabetes

    Herbal tea for diabetes Our Herbal tea for diabetes  could treat type 2 diabetes.Our product could reduce dependence on injected insulin. Pre-clinical trials suggested that the tea improves the intake of glucose in the muscles, thereby lowering blood glucose levels.Net weight : 100g

    3,42 € 5,70 € -40%
  • Herbal tea for diabetes

    Herbal tea for diabetesOur Herbal tea for diabetes may increase the sensitivity of blood sugar to insulin, a substance that transports sugars to cells for energy.Our product may also help clear excess glucose, or sugars, from your bloodstream, reducing diabetes symptoms. 

    1,80 € 3,00 € -40%
  • Chickpea Oil (Al Badil)

    Chickpea Oil (Al Badil) Our Chickpea oil strengthens and venkatesh your hair, care and gives strength to the weak hair and abbimes, it is very good anti hairloss, and eliminates dandruff, very good for the scalp, it is also used as a facial. Net weight : 60 ml

    2,70 € 4,50 € -40%
  • Herbal treatment for diabetes

    Herbal treatment for diabetes The reason why our herbal that Can help lower Blood Sugar is so effective in lowering blood sugar levels is because it contains something called glucoquinine which is a compound known for it’s ability to lower blood glucose levels.

    3,71 € 6,18 € -40%

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