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  • Zizyphus leaves (Sidr)

    Zizyphus leaves (Sidr)Our Zizyphus leaves (Sidr)  help to heal  diseases of touch, sihr, and the evil eye.Sidr an effective cure of magic.Net weight : 50g

    1,20 € 2,00 € -40%
  • Organic Ginger Oil

    Organic Ginger Oil Our Organic Ginger Oil improves the immune system and adds vitality to the body.Toning, fight against asthenia (= State of General fatigue, weakening). Net weight : 30ml  

    2,25 € 3,75 € -40%
  • Herbal tea for diabetes

    Herbal tea for diabetes Our Herbal tea for diabetes  could treat type 2 diabetes.Our product could reduce dependence on injected insulin. Pre-clinical trials suggested that the tea improves the intake of glucose in the muscles, thereby lowering blood glucose levels.Net weight : 100g

    3,42 € 5,70 € -40%
  • Honey for weight gain

    Honey for rapid weight gain Honey is a huge source of calories. When you eat more calories than you burn off in a day, you gain weight. Dietary supplement that facilitates decision-making weight and help also for diseases of the chest, throat, cough, sexual fabilesse, migraine. Restores the appetite and calms the nerves. Weight: 250 g

    6,38 € 10,64 € -40%
  • Senna leaves herbal tea (Sana Makki)

    Senna leaves herbal tea (Sana Makki)Our Senna leaves herbal tea is generally used by people suffering from constipation. For relief, a person should take ½ teaspoon of the liquid. After taking the Senna, a bowel movement should occur within six to 12 hours. There is also a tea available, but since Senna has an unpleasant taste naturally, it is good to...

    1,50 € 2,50 € -40%
  • Plants impotence sexual and cold

    A jar of spices 150 g against impotence and cold.

    4,18 € 6,96 € -40%
  • Herbal tea for diabetes

    Herbal tea for diabetesOur Herbal tea for diabetes may increase the sensitivity of blood sugar to insulin, a substance that transports sugars to cells for energy.Our product may also help clear excess glucose, or sugars, from your bloodstream, reducing diabetes symptoms. 

    1,80 € 3,00 € -40%
  • Acne Cream (Hydra Care)

    Acne Cream (Hydra Care) This multi-purpose herbal cream is especiallydesigned to treat acne and skin blemishes without damaging the surrounding tissue of your skin. Net weight : 80g 

    3,15 € 5,25 € -40%
  • Ginkgo Bilboa

    Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba)Ginkgo Bilboa is used as a food supplement rich its benefits, help to treat naturally problems of stress age-related.Ginkgo is used for the treatment of numerous conditions, many of which are under scientific investigation. Available evidence supports ginkgo for managing dementia, anxiety, schizophrenia, and cerebral...

    3,00 € 5,00 € -40%
  • Eczema Cream

    Eczema Cream  Eczema Cream  is our therapeutic formula for the symptomatic relief of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis symptoms. manufactured in Morocco   

    1,51 € 2,52 € -40%
  • Linseed oil

    Linseed OilOur linseed oil help to decrease the rate of cholesterol in the blood. Reduces intestinal inflammation. Help improve the performance of the brain and nerves. Strengthens hair...Linseed oil is good for the heart because it is the richest source of alpha-linolenic acid. Linseed itself (ground or whole) also contains lignans, which may have...

    2,22 € 3,71 € -40%
  • Moroccan Eucalyptus Honey

    Moroccan Eucalyptus Honey We offer hygienically processed Eucalyptus Honey which is known for its excellent medicinal values and strong flavour. Made of eucalyptus pollen, Eucalyptus Honey we supply is attributed with exceptional antiseptic, 500 gr

    16,20 € 27,00 € -40%
  • Ras el hanout

    Ras el hanoutRas el hanout originating in Morocco its composition can be formed by more than 20 spices, including cumin usually find, cardamom, ginger, turmeric, coriander, pepper, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper, paprika, mace, galangal, etc. and which has a significant effect in the event of problems of rheumatism, and also very useful for people who...

    1,14 € 1,90 € -40%
  • Thyme honey

    Moroccan Thyme honey  Our Thyme honey is produced in the Moroccan mountains, our moroccan thyme honey is highly recommended for patients suffering of duodenal and gastric ulcers. Moroccan Thyme honey is one great product with many health benefits. Net weight : 250 g

    16,53 € 27,55 € -40%
  • Natural Eczema Cream

     Natural Eczema CreamEczema Cream is our therapeutic formula for the symptomatic relief of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis symptoms.

    3,99 € 6,65 € -40%
  • Solid Perfume Cubes (Musk al Hashimi)

    Solid Perfume Cubes (Musk al Hashimi) A solid (Jamid) perfume  is a extremely high concentrated perfumed brick, a solid perfume. A high quality jamid such as Musk al Hashimi will essentially last a lifetime if used and stored properly. Net weight : 23 g  

    2,00 € 3,33 € -40%
  • Eczema Soap
    Out of stock
    Eczema Soap

    Eczema Soap Anyone who suffers from eczema knows how tricky it is to find a product that will provide more than just temporary relief. When your dry, itchy skin keeps you up and scratching all night, it's time to take some action.  Our soap is very gentle for eczema prone skin  

    0,60 € 1,00 € -40%
  • 500g of Zizyphus leaves (Sidr)

     Zizyphus leaves (Sidr) Our Zizyphus leaves (Sidr) may be utilized to reduce EAC tumor, for diseases of touch, sihr, and the evil eye.Sidr an effective cure of magic.Zizyphus leaves have been widely used as a hypoglycaemic agent by diabetics in some regions of TurkeyNet weight : 500g

    9,12 € 15,20 € -40%
  • Chickpea Oil (Al Badil)

    Chickpea Oil (Al Badil) Our Chickpea oil strengthens and venkatesh your hair, care and gives strength to the weak hair and abbimes, it is very good anti hairloss, and eliminates dandruff, very good for the scalp, it is also used as a facial. Net weight : 60 ml

    2,70 € 4,50 € -40%
  • Sulfur Oil 30 ml

    Sulfur Oil Our Sulfur Oil originating in Morocco in a traditional way heals skin problems, vitiligo, combat germs and bacteria .iIt is a necessity for proper synthesis of proteins and enzyme, vitamin conversions, joint health, metabolizing amino acids, hair, nail, and skin health, and more.Net weight : 30ml

    1,82 € 3,04 € -40%
  • Al Assille Camphor SOAP

    Camphor SOAP has a preventive role against the epidemic and soothes muscle aches. Camphor is a cardiovascular stimulant and analgesic product, it heals Dyspnea (difficulty breathing) and relieves rheumatic.

    1,73 € 2,88 € -40%
  • Sulfur Soap (Al Assil)

    Sulfur Soap (Al Assil) Our Sulfur soap (Al Assil) contains a potent natural element.Used to treat skin conditions such as acne, whiteheads and other blemishes.In addition to anti-acne uses, sulfur soap is also purported to have antiseptic, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

    1,20 € 2,00 € -40%
  • Jujube Honey (Sidr Honey)

    Jujube Honey (Sidr Honey) Jujube Honey (Sidr Honey) is a reddish dark coloured Honey that has a fruity flavour and unique taste of jujube. The anti-aging properties of jujube make the Jujube Honey (Sidr Honey) perfect for enhancing the libido.  Origin of Morocco Net weight 250 g. 

    17,21 € 28,69 € -40%
  • Herbal treatment for diabetes

    Herbal treatment for diabetes The reason why our herbal that Can help lower Blood Sugar is so effective in lowering blood sugar levels is because it contains something called glucoquinine which is a compound known for it’s ability to lower blood glucose levels.

    3,71 € 6,18 € -40%

natural products from honey and natural pur from Morocco and France, organic honey  with a high quality .


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