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  • Aker El Fassi Powder

     Aker El Fassi Powder Aker El Fassi is a totally natural cosmetic made from poppy extract and Granada. It is traditionally used by Berber women makeup lips as rouge. It can be applied to enhance the red in the henna when adding prepare the mixture.

    0,86 € 1,43 € -40%
  • Apple Petroleum Jelly

     Apple Petroleum Jelly It soothes minor burns, prevents redness and gluteal softens dry parts of the feet, elbows and knees.

    1,65 € 2,75 € -40%
  • Oil of ruta graveolens

     Oil of ruta graveolens Oil of ruta graveolens, handles cases neurologists and psychiatric, useful in cases of epilepsy and possession demonic, care the pain of rheumatism and joint, anti poison, evacuates the gas and intestinal worms.

    3,42 € 5,70 € -40%
  • Royal Jelly Honey Cream

     Royal Jelly Honey Cream A luxurious, rich facial moisturiser combining royal jelly, honey and a blend of moisturising ingredients to condition and nourish the skin while you sleep.

    2,73 € 4,55 € -40%
  • White Ghassoul Mask (Zouine) with Akker Fassi

    White Ghassoul Mask (Zouine) with Akker Fassi This natural mask restores your face clean and white color naturally, helps to eliminate acne.The white Ghassoul (Zouine) also has a natural peeling effect and makes your skin feeling soft and radiant. It help stimulate cell regeneration.

    0,75 € 1,25 € -40%
  •  White Ghassoul Mask with Akker Fassi
    Out of stock
    White Ghassoul Mask with Akker Fassi

    White Ghassoul Mask with Akker Fassi  This natural mask restores your face clean and white color naturally, helps to eliminate acne. The white Ghassoul also has a natural peeling effect and makes your skin feeling soft and radiant.

    0,60 € 1,00 € -40%
  • 100% Pure Fenugreek Oil
    Out of stock
    100% Pure Fenugreek Oil

    100% Pure Fenugreek OilOur Fenugreek Oil strengthens the nerves and facilitates breastfeeding. This oil is useful for enlarging breasts and can be used both by women and by girls.Net weight : 60 ml

    2,39 € 3,99 € -40%
  • Aker Fassi Soap

    Aker Fassi SoapThe Aker Fassi comes from the anemone flower transformed naturally without chemicals,it is used for moisturizing and cleansing the skin.Very effective soap and experience and the best proof.Net weight : 200 g

    1,43 € 2,38 € -40%
  • Almond Oil Cream
    Out of stock
    Almond Oil Cream

    Almond Oil Cream  The science behind Almond is that the Fatty acids of Almond oil are metabolized in the skin and normalized the cell lipid layer. Product originating in Morocco Net weight : 100g  

    1,82 € 3,04 € -40%
  • Aloe Vera Oil

    Aloe Vera OilOur Aloe Vera Oil is used to treat chapped treating burns, scars and the inflammation of the skin.Treats asthma, peptic ulcers and other digestive disordersNet weight : 60 ml 

    1,92 € 3,19 € -40%
  • Black Musk Incense Sticks

    Black Musk Incense SticksWe bring forth an unique collection of Black Musk Incense Sticks that are made using best quality of material to offer a relaxing perfume throughout the day, our Incense Stays are Eco friendly and stop sensitive. These products are perfect to use for spiritual events, thus can be generally used in houses, workplaces and others....

    2,00 € 3,33 € -40%
  • Charifyne Kohl
    Out of stock
    Charifyne Kohl

    Charifyne Kohl Our Charifyne Kohl gives your eyes an exceptional brilliant beauty. Our Charifyne Kohl can eliminate many diseases that can reach the eye.

    0,60 € 1,00 € -40%
  • Clove Oil

    Clove OilOur Clove Oil is used for upset stomach and as an expectorant. Expectorants make it easier to cough up phlegm. Clove oil is used for diarrhea, hernia, and bad breath. Clove and clove oil are used for intestinal gas, nausea, and vomiting.Clove oil contains a chemical that may decrease pain.

    2,39 € 3,99 € -40%
  • Cream rheumatism with nigella

    This natural Cream rheumatism with nigella helps to relieve muscle pain due to the problem of rheumatism. At use in massaging the muscles and joints.

    2,39 € 3,98 € -40%
  • Eucalyptus oil

    Eucalyptus OilThe moroccan Eucalyptus Oil is used to relieving pain and promoting good dental healthEucalyptus oil benefits are due to its ability to stimulate immunity, provide antioxidant protection and improve respiratory circulation.Eucalyptus oil may also have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic propertiesNet weight : 60ml

    2,40 € 4,00 € -40%
  • Falez Sweating cream
    Out of stock
    Falez Sweating cream

    This Cream is an effective medication used to combat excessive sweating. The application routine causes fluid to build up in the sweat glands, eventually shutting them down and allowing a more normal sweat flow.  

    1,33 € 2,22 € -40%
  • Fashion Lipstick

    Fashion Lipstick for professional beauty applications. The creamy consistency of Lipstick Fashion feels soft and velvety on the lips and leaves a pleasant-to-wear sensation.

    1,71 € 2,85 € -40%
  • Kohl Al-haram

    Kohl Al-haram Take your look a step forward and deepen your eyes with our Kohl Al-haram Product . This pencil offers an intense black pigment that can deliver a fierce cat-eye and application is effortless! 100% quality at a discount price

    0,86 € 1,43 € -40%
  • Kohl Kajal Multicolor

    Kohl Kajal MulticolorIt is available in several colors and has superior quality .Our product restores your eyes beauty. Choose the color you want and the best is to take one of each color.

    1,43 € 2,38 € -40%
  • Lavender oil

    Lavender OilOur Lavender oil is known for its calming and relaxing  properties, and has been used for alleviating insomnia, anxiety, depression, restlessness, dental anxiety, and stress. It has also been proven effective for nearly all kinds of ailments, from pain to infections.Net weight : 60ml 

    2,34 € 3,90 € -40%
  • Lipstick
    Out of stock

    LipstickAn innovative lipstick that coats lips with bold color, long-lasting wear, and luxe comfort. 

    1,43 € 2,38 € -40%
  • Lot of 12 Nigella Oil

    Lot of 12 Nigella Oil   Our Nigella Oil  can be used for massage or also to drink. It is abundantly rich in chemicals that can help treat asthma, nausea, heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, meningitis and to an extent even cancer.

    43,20 € 72,00 € -40%
  • Mask of clay

    Our Mask Clay Natural is a great clay for oily skin since it can suck up all that excess sebum easily. Not only that.

    2,13 € 3,55 € -40%
  • Morocco Sulfur Soap

    Morocco Sulfur Soap Our Sulfur soap contains a potent natural element.Used to treat skin conditions such as acne, whiteheads and other blemishes.In addition to anti-acne uses, sulfur soap is also purported to have antiseptic, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

    1,50 € 2,50 € -40%

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